Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 8th September 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee See

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 8th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

It begins with Vijay remembering Sumitra’s words. He talks to her and cries. Aaji consoles him. Vandana always gets punished because of the family, she doesn’t say anything, Hemant has lost his way, I regret that I can’t sell the house, I can’t explain the reason. He curses himself.

Then Vandana cries and runs to her room. She imagines Vijay dead and screams. She says what are you thinking, you have to support him, you have to be his strength. After calming down, she sends Vaibhav an audio message. He sees Vaibhav and murmurs. He sees some other girl and murmurs. She says I have to talk to you, you can get angry, but who should I tell these problems to? Kunal and Bobby are sitting in the café. Kunal asks him to set up a meeting with the investors. He sees some other girl and murmurs.

Vaibhav ignores Vandana’s calls. Kunal remembers Vandana’s words. Bobby turns and sees Vaibhav with some girl. Kunal says he was Vandana’s fiancé. Bobby says yes. Kunal says that girl wasn’t Vandana. It might be a friend. Kunal says no, Vandana should know about this, I will always wish that even my enemy doesn’t get deceived in love. Bobby asks if you will tell Vandana.

He says Vandana is not in his office, where has he gone? Vaibhav arrives at his office. He gets Vandana’s message… I’m waiting for you outside the office. He makes an excuse and sends the girl. He goes to Vandana. He says I need to talk to you, everything is shattered, I need your support, otherwise I will fall alone. Bobby says Kunal worries about Vandana, that’s a good sign. Kunal focuses on his life.

Vaibhav asks what, Hemant has run away, you want to talk to that goon Bhavesh, do you want my help? Vandana says I will ask him for some time to arrange money. He says you want me to pay the money. She says no, I came to ask for your support and love, I will give Bhavesh my wedding savings. Vaibhav says it’s our money. The issue is about supporting my entire family.

He urges her not to give a lecture on the matter; it’s important for them to realize that the fault lies with them, not with her. He asks how far she’s willing to go for them, even suggesting selling their bungalow as a solution to all their problems. He also suggests trying to convince her father to sell his house. She expresses hesitation, explaining that her father has no choice but to sell his house as it is his property and their children have no right to ask for it. However, she clarifies that she is willingly doing this for the sake of their children. He reminds her that the responsibility shouldn’t solely fall on her as she is just a daughter. She agrees that it’s acceptable to take care of one’s in-laws’ household, but disagrees with the notion that one should neglect their own family. He acknowledges that none of them seems willing to change and he can’t continue carrying this emotional burden.

She says you should support me. She cries. He says don’t emotional blackmail me. She says I have always stood by you and helped you, I need your help. Kunal asks the men to refurbish the place. Vandana comes. Kunal looks on and calls her out. He says lunch time is over, he’s going. Kunal goes.

Whenever there is another problem, she apologizes. He says no, not at all. I have to tell you something. She says say it straight. Bobby looks on. Kunal asks how long you have known Vinayak, your fiance. She says Vaibhav, I know him very well. He asks you if you are sure about him. She asks what do you mean, explain. He says when I saw Vaibhav with another girl at the cafe, you should have stayed with him because of the way he treated her.


Vandana goes to get a job. The man misbehaves with her. Vandana cries and leaves. Kunal and Bobby arrive.

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