Anupama 28th July 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 28th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kavya is torn between her conflicting thoughts. On one hand, she can’t bear to keep living with the guilt and hiding the truth from Vanraj. But on the other hand, if she reveals the truth, it will destroy everything – including the love she has craved for so long. Her mind is divided – one side telling her to stay silent to avoid losing Vanraj, while the other side urges her to be honest with him. She feels overwhelmed and upset by this internal struggle. As Vanraj approaches her, Kavya embraces him tightly. He reassures her that he loves her just the way she is, and even shares his vision for their future family together. Despite this comforting moment, Kavya still can’t bring herself to reveal the truth to Vanraj.

The party kicks off with a fashion show featuring the Kapadias and Shahs dressed in their finest outfits. As the song “Bas Deewangi Deewangi Hai” plays in the background, all eyes are on Kavya, who is glowing with her pregnancy. Toshu admires Leela’s radiance but can’t help but notice how Vanraj and Kavya shine even more. Kavya gives credit to V for her stunning look and Leela blesses her with a loving gaze. Toshu prays for the upcoming baby to be different from his own past mistakes and promises to amend his ways. He expresses heartfelt gratitude for their constant forgiveness.

Vanraj and Anupama shower him with affection. Toshu promises to improve himself as a husband and fix any issues. Dimpy informs Samar that Toshu is subtly teasing him. Samar urges her to refrain from instigating him, as he is well aware of his brother’s behavior. Barkha remarks to Adhik that the Shah family always has some drama going on, sometimes behaving like the perfect family and other times getting into fights. She advises Adhik to stay away from them. However, Adhik declares that he doesn’t care about the Shahs; his main concern is Paakhi’s threat and he plans to talk to her about it tonight.

Hasmukh suggests beginning the ritual. Ankush receives a call and discusses something with Anuj before leaving. Barkha remembers how Ankush had expressed his concern for his son born out of wedlock. Anupama suggests letting the father of the child perform the ritual first. Vanraj carries out the ritual on Kavya and expresses his joy at their reunion and his excitement to meet their child. Anuj interrupts and asks Vanraj to continue later, giving others a chance to perform the ritual. Vanraj tearfully thanks Kavya for bringing him this happiness and wipes his tears. Leela reminds him not to spoil the moment with tears, while Anupama gently wipes Kavya’s tears away and assures her not to cry on such an important day. She senses Kavya’s apprehension and asks if everything is alright. Leela announces that it is now their turn to perform the ritual.

In rehearsals, Nakul notices Malti Devi missing steps and questions her. She says her body is rehearsing, but her mind is somewhere else. Dimpy tells her that they are celebrating Kavya’s baby shower ceremony, and she gets emotional and runs to her room. The Shahs and Kapadias play a game. Samar refuses to play because he is not in the mood. Leela prays to God to protect a mother and child. Kavya emotionally embraces Leela.

As Leela playfully teases Kavya about her future baby, the Shahs continue their game. Barkha phones Ankush to inquire why he abruptly left a function, then warns him not to do it again or face consequences. She takes her anxiety medicine. Paakhi lifts Vanraj’s spirits. Adhik approaches and asks if she’s feeling especially cheerful. Paakhi encourages him to join in as well. Angered, Adhik scolds her for trying to be clever. Paakhi suggests he tone down his rudeness instead and walks away. Leela observes their disagreement. In the end, Vanraj wins the game and playfully tells Kavya to let their child know that papa can change diapers like a pro.


Anupama tells Kavya that the baby belongs to Anirudh, not Vanraj, and asks how she can correct it.

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