Kavya 25th April 2024 Written Episode: Adi and Kavya Face Allegations and Legal Battles!


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The Episode begins with Kavya responding confidently to the reporters. They mock Kavya and Adi, making remarks about their alleged wrongdoings. Kavya insists they should wait until the investigation is completed, stressing that it involves someone’s life and reputation. With tears in her eyes, she exits the scene. Later, they reach home, and Malini immediately scolds Kavya. She blames her for all the issues they are facing. Feeling confused, Kavya asks what she did wrong. Malini responds that her fake drama about Sanjeev and Alka’s marriage caused Adi to take another girl to a hotel. Shocked by this accusation, Kavya vehemently denies any involvement in Adi’s actions and questions Malini’s doubt towards Adi. Her words only earn her more scolding from Malini.

Adi is accused of falsely blaming Kavya, but she doesn’t mind as she is his mother. Malini reprimands Adi for his actions and asks if he genuinely thinks he is innocent. Adi defends himself and admits to Kavya’s unwavering support and trust towards him. Giriraj emphasizes the importance of concrete evidence in their situation, but Adi reminds everyone that Kavya has faith in him. He shows his gratitude by hugging her, but Kavya suggests consulting with a lawyer before discussing further.

The lawyer says that Adi and I will be there when Naina gives the statement. Kavya says I also want to be there; take the permission. The lawyer says okay, but you cannot question her. Kavya says okay; just listen to her. Badi Amma asks if Adi is lying. Naina thinks she might be lying about someone’s word, or maybe she is powerless. We have to prove Naina wrong to find out why she lied.

Malini asks how Adi fainted. Badi Amma says I’ll ask about his reports. Giriraj says Malini is right. Malini says I studied law before IAS. Anurag says I’ll come also. Adi takes Kavya’s bag to his room. He asks her to stay in his room. They fight. They hug. Berangey….. plays… He helps her arrange the clothes in the closet. They go to the police station. Kishor acts. The inspector asks Naina to share her thoughts.

Naina tearfully recounts the events of that night to her friend, saying how Adi was driving her back home and suddenly became angry when she praised Kavya. He then pulled over in front of a hotel and urged her to come inside, despite her protests that she needed to go home. He grabbed her hand tightly and led her to a room where he continued to cry. In a flashback, Adi confesses his hatred for Kavya and asks Naina for support. She recalls his attempts to kiss her hand, which she asked him not to do, but he ignored her pleas. The scene then shifts to Kavya crying in distress.

He refused to stop when I stopped, and I hit his head with a lamp. I left and went to the police station to complain. Kavya holds Adi. Giriraj asks if Naina’s statement can be proved in court. Lawyer nods. Naina asks Kavya what she would do if she were in her position. Kishor says these rich people won’t understand our pain. Kavya thinks I trust Adi, but I won’t let Naina suffer.


Kavya says she will support the truth when reporters ask her whom she will support.

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