Teri Meri Doriyaan 22nd February 2023


Teri Meri Doriyaan 22nd February 2023, Written Update

Seerat slits her hand and threatens to commit suicide if Garry doesn’t marry her. She tries to stab her stomach when Garry stops her and hugged her. She says she can’t imagine her life without him and loves him dearly. After draping his kerchief around her hand, Garry promises to marry her and says he can’t lose her love. He asks her to continue her prewedding rituals with Angad.

In front of Sudha and Sukhi, Santosh expresses her happiness. Sudha and Sukhi say they are happy for Seerat as well. Garry thinks he wouldn’t have allowed this marriage to happen. He will give Angad a tight slap on the head.

As everyone was waiting for Seerat, Santosh asks where she was. She panics when she notices Seerat’s hand injury, gaining everyone’s attention. Angad asks Seerat how she injures herself and orders a first-aid box be brought. Lucky apologizes and sends a first-aid box after Seerat says she injured her hand over a nail in the bathroom. Angad scolds Lucky for his lame arrangements and shouts about where the first-aid box is.

Seerat’s mehendi hand is erased and Sudha says it’s bad luck for Seerat. Imlie from the Imlie serial walks in and makes Seerat sit. Angad wraps a bandage around Seerat’s hand. Imlie says everyone will remember Angad’s care for Seerat, whether it’s on the left or right hand. She writes Angad’s name with mehendi on Seerat’s other hand. Angad asks Seerat if she’s fine, and she nods yes. Veer pulls Angad’s legs, and Angad leaves.

Instead of enjoying the sangeet ceremony and dancing, Imlie asks everyone why they are so silent. Imlie joins Karia, Gurleen, and Ekam in dancing to London Thumakda. Sahiba and Keerat are happy to see Seerat enjoying herself. Twinkle asks why she is lying around like it’s her sister’s sangeet instead of making decorations for the sangeet ceremony. Sahiba leaves.

There is a ring exchange ceremony between Angad and Seerat after some time. Garry looks at Seerat, and he tells her to go ahead. Everyone claps for them. Brars and Mongas congratulate each other. The reporter covers the event live. With God’s grace, Angad’s ring ceremony is over, so it’s time to celebrate.

During the sangeet ceremony, Jasleen and Gurleen announce Ekam and Kiara’s wedding. Jasleen says even though the bride has two sisters, but they can’t attend. Prabjyot announces the artists’ performance. Jasleen announces Chandni and Roshni. On Desi Girl… song, Chandni and Roshni battle Kiara and Ekam.

Sahiba tells Keerat she would have set the stage on fire if she was on stage. He says even here they can enjoy and dances with her. After the performance, everyone claps for them. Jasleen and Gurleen announce Angad and Seerat’s performance. Manveer asks him to prove that no one can compete with Brars in business or dance. Everyone cheers for them.

He extends his hand to Seerat and asks if she wants to dance with him. As Seerat looks at Garry, he signals to go ahead. They dance on the Maahi Ve.. song. Garry joins them. Seerat happily joins him. Saint’s words were wrong, Santosh thinks, so now Seerat’s wedding won’t be interfered with.

Keerat jokes that since Angad is so lost in Keerat, Seerat will make him dance on her tunes. Jasleen tells Kiara that Garry is dancing better than Angad. The reporter continues to report live.

At Angad and Seerat’s wedding, Sai and Virat from Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyar Ke promote the serial.

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