Faltu 15th December Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

The episode begins with Bua, Ayaan, and Kanika lying to each other. Bua says he wants to meet Tanisha after Haldi, I asked him not to. He says she was angry, so he will scold me. Kanika says yes, have patience.

BUA asks you here if you have any work, Kanika says yes, I had some work with Faltu, but she isn’t anywhere, so I came to ask you. You both share a room, right? Faltu feels sad. She calls Charan. He asks how you’re doing. She says she’s fine, her match did not happen today, I’m in the second batch, and they’ll call me tomorrow, so I have another day to prepare. He says that’s good, work hard. She says Ayaan will force me to work hard.

He says it is not easy to become a sportsman, you are lucky to have a Guru like Ayaan, talk to him. She says he is at the haldi function, I came here with Bua and Alok, and they went to the park to get the car, everyone is fine. he says we are fine, just focus on your goals, we have many hopes for you. She says yes, I will do my best. She cries.

She says she doesn’t have any work, but I need to buy her something to wear since she has done a lot for Tanisha. I should do something for her. She has gone to get medicine, says Bua. Kanika thinks they’re lying since they know she’s gone for a trial match. Ayaan says wait a moment. I’m happy to know you’re now the president of the women’s cricket association, I’m happy, you’re a strong woman, so when you lead the women’s team, it will be a success.

I think you enjoy playing cricket, so Kanika thanks for the compliment. Ayaan says yes, seeing a dream is also a challenge, so I am sure you will guide them well. Kanika smiles and leaves. Ayaan says she doesn’t know. Bua says the matter can’t be handled tomorrow. He says once Faltu gets selected in 16, he’ll tell the truth to everyone, he can’t lie anymore.

Faltu arrived and Kanika said she was looking for him. He asked if Tanisha needed something and then quickly changed his clothes, making excuses and recalling a conversation he had with Bua where she told him no one should know what he is doing. Faltu inquired what the story was, and Bua mentioned Ayaan would explain when the right time came. It was clear Faltu was not being honest, and Kanika called him out on it, saying it seemed like he was trying to hide a mistake. He denied this accusation, and Kanika offered to provide him with a new outfit for Tanisha’s wedding – as per custom for Ayaan’s guest.

Faltu thanks her and then takes off. Kanika wonders if the man had actually told the truth; she thought Faltu had been making things up. Tanisha is on the phone with Ayaan, suggesting they engage in a video call instead. She’s also excited at the prospect of going to a party without him. She insists that he needs to start leading an interesting life, adding that she won’t tolerate a boring husband. Ayaan is concerned about who will run their store, which triggers his memory of Faltu’s words.

He says a person gets happy by following his passion. He recalls his promise to Janardhan. She says I find peace in making you fun-loving. He says the dream is one that keeps you awake at night. Bua says Faltu’s match didn’t happen, did Kanika stop her? Ayaan says no, I know Kanika. Tanisha says Ayaan is shy, I’m leaving for the party.

When this truth comes to light, a storm will brew. Everyone plans for the party and they pretend they’re going to the park. Dadi finds it dull, so Sumitra suggests a nightclub instead. Sid inquires if she knew of the plan, to which Sumitra responds affirmatively. Dadi insists that everyone has the right to let loose sometimes. Then Tanisha arrives, and Suhana expresses her admiration for her outfit. Taking some photos, Savita prompts them to set off on their revelry. Before they leave, Tanisha mentions one more person is coming – Kumkum wonders who it could be and then Faltu shows up in western attire catching them all off-guard and eliciting a collective smile from all present.

The precap:

Tanisha asks why you hid this friend with Faltu. He says I married you but you lied to me. Ayaan says I saw myself in you. He gives her a bat.

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