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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 28th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

Ishan threatens his father, warning him to expose Savi’s supposed illegal entry into college or face a police complaint. Shantanu intervenes, asserting that Savi is telling the truth. Ishan then assumes that their mother must have sent her there. Shantanu clarifies that it was indeed their mother and Ishan should show her respect. However, Ishan remains adamant that their mother holds no significance to him. Meanwhile, Surekha and Yashwant continue to question Shantanu for maintaining contact with Isha and following her instructions, including allowing Savi to stay in Ishan’s room overnight. In response, Shantanu explains that Isha had reached out after many years to request admission for one of her students based on merit. Yashwant angrily exclaims how Shantanu could have let this girl stay in Bhosale Institute, fearing that his reputation would be tarnished if she had caused any trouble.

In order to protect that lonely girl from unforeseen events, Shantanu said he let her stay at the institute. In his cabin, Ishan shouted why, saying she was arrogant like her teacher, telling him she would meet Shantanu sir no matter what and get admission. In Shantanu’s case, he had asked Shukla to let her stay in his cabin, but Shukla went wrong; she said right, and they should give admissions based on capacity. Ishan and Yashwant refuse.

As Savi scans the admission list, she confidently tells the students that she too will secure a spot after her meeting with Shantanu sir. However, the watchman reminds her to leave before he gets in trouble. Unfazed, Savi assures him that she has a scheduled appointment with Shantanu in 15 minutes and is bound to be admitted. The watchman shakes his head in disagreement. Just then, Durva and Avni appear and try to belittle Savi. But she tactfully stands up for herself and puts them in their place, leaving them seething with anger. Without wasting any time, Savi hurries off to meet Shantanu but realizes she doesn’t know where his office is located. Durva and Avni signal a student to misguide her as Savi asks for directions. Trusting the wrong information given by the students, she rushes towards the 3rd building only to find out that Shantanu’s office is on the 7th floor without a working lift. Meanwhile, the student who misled Savi is questioned by Durva and Avni about why they wanted her to fail at getting admission in their institute. Their response reveals their true intentions behind sabotaging Savi’s

Savi arrives on the 7th floor and finds out that Shantanu’s office is in the same building, on the third floor. Unfortunately, his classmates have played a prank on him. Shantanu is waiting for Savi’s arrival and calls Isha to confirm if he’s on his way. Meanwhile, Shukla notifies Shantanu that he has been summoned for a board meeting in the director’s cabin. Shantanu then instructs him to have yesterday’s guest wait in his office until he returns. Savi eventually locates Shantanu’s cabin and asks Shukla for directions. However, he is informed that while it is indeed Shantanu’s cabin, he has left for a meeting in a different part of the school. In a hurry, Savi rushes towards the cabin to catch up with Shantanu. During this time, Yashwant starts the board meeting and invites Isha to share her ideas on updating the curriculum.

She rushes in and asks Shantanu for help. He walks up to her. She introduces herself. Shantanu says they have met. Savi provides a brief introduction, describing her desire to become an IAS officer and get admission to Bhosale Institute. Nishikanth humiliates her, followed by Yashwant and Ishan. Shantanu asks her to wait in his cabin. Ishan asks him to speak to her right there and continues humiliating her. Eventually, they refuse to admit her.

Savi enters a 3rd year class and solves a tough problem. Ishan notices her and asks if she hasn’t gone yet. Shantanu tells Ishan that Savi is a 2nd year student who solved a 3rd year problem, if he still believes he is doing them all justice.

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