Teri Meri Doriyaan 3rd October 2023 Written Update


Teri Meri Doriyaan 3rd October 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Sahiba confronts Angad about their separation, placing the blame on his actions rather than her own. She questions why he continues to prolong their unhealthy relationship. In agreement, Angad poses a similar question. Seerat interjects with a mischievous smile, asking Sahiba why she always comes back to upset Angad. Annoyed, Sahiba tells Seerat to mind her own business if she does not want to be spoken to. Manveer agrees with Seerat, believing that Sahiba is causing trouble for Angad. Sahiba defends herself by stating that she learned this behavior from Seerat, who had inserted herself into their issues without invitation and was overly curious about when the relationship would end and what its future held. Manveer adds on by questioning why Sahiba is holding onto a dead relationship.

As Sahiba knows Angad is hypocritical, she wonders why he sent her a voice note telling her that he wants to end their relationship forever. Manveer says it’s good her son wants to end this strained relationship and doesn’t want to carry it on his shoulders like she did her whole life. Akaal asks Angad what voice note Sahiba is referring to. Angad says he has not sent any voice notes.

Rumi watches as his laptop screen displays the events of when he hacked into Angad’s mobile while he was at Brar mansion with Veer. Akaal and Jaspal then request Sahiba to play the voice note, but she discovers that it has been deleted by Rumi. Seerat urges Sahiba to try playing the message again, but she explains that it cannot be retrieved. In confusion, Angad denies ever sending the voice note and reminds Sahiba that she had blocked his number. Agreeing with him, Sahiba acknowledges Angad’s statement.

Manveer angrily accuses Sahiba of breaking up with Angad and now trying to win him back. She responds by questioning why she would do that when she was the one who ended things. Akaal turns to Angad and asks if he really sent the voice note to Sahiba. Angad swears, with Manveer as a witness, that he did not send any message and suspects their phones may have been hacked. He suggests that someone sent the note in his voice. Sahiba agrees with this theory. Manveer continues to raise his voice. Veer decides to call a technician to check their phones and contacts Pam for assistance. Hearing this, Rumi worries that the technician will discover that Sahiba’s phone has been hacked, preventing him from keeping tabs on her.

Pam requested Angad and Sahiba to share their mobile passwords. However, Angad believes his password is too personal to reveal, as it includes Sahiba’s nickname and her date of birth. Similarly, Sahiba fears that Angad may get upset if he discovers her password is the same as their joint account number. Both of them quickly agreed to write down their passwords on a piece of paper. Seerat inquired why Sahiba was reluctant to disclose her password, suggesting it may be the name of a secret boyfriend. This remark angered Akaal, who defended Sahiba from Seerat’s constant insults and apologized for her behavior. He then suggested that whoever had sent flowers to Sahiba must have also hacked her phone. Angad agreed with Akaal’s theory. Jaspal asked if Sahiba had noticed any other unusual activity recently, to which she replied that she often felt like someone was following her. Manveer interrupted the conversation and demanded that Sahiba divorce Angad, causing Seerat to smile mischievously at the drama unfolding before them.


Family is shocked when Manveer informs them that she will get Angad divorce Sahiba and marry Seerat. Sahiba is brought home by Angad and told that her life is in danger. She is forced to stay here. Manveer yells that this shameless girl cannot stay in this house. Angad warns her not to speak against his wife Sahiba.


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