Teri Meri Doriyaan 26th June 2023 Written Episode Update


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The episode begins with Angad waking up in the morning and realizing that Sahiba is not in the room. He receives a call from his secretary, Pam, who informs him that international clients will be arriving soon. Meanwhile, Sahiba reaches the fine arts college and inquires with support staff about admissions. She learns that it is the last day for form submission and joins the queue.

When it’s her turn, she asks the form issuer to check if there are any forms left. Initially, he tells her to try next year, but Sahiba notices a form hidden under a file and brings it to his attention. He gives her the form, making her very happy. Sahiba tries to call Angad to share the good news but finds his number unreachable. She then asks Pam about Angad’s whereabouts.

Japjyoth reads the newspaper and informs the family that their party from the previous day is featured in the news. She praises Sahiba for managing the party so well. Akaal mentions that Sahiba has proven herself as a worthy Brar daughter-in-law by protecting Kiara’s dignity and handling the other incidents. Japjyoth adds that if everything goes well, Sahiba will soon share the news of her pregnancy with them. Jasleen asks Seerat if she has discussed the idea of having a baby with Garry, but Seerat reveals that Garry is not ready to become a father.

Sahiba returns home, and Japjyoth asks her to sit down and inquires about her whereabouts. Sahiba reveals that she went to get an admission form from the fine arts college. Japjyoth and Manveer react negatively, accusing Sahiba of going against their wishes. Veer argues that if Kiara can pursue her diploma in fine arts, then Sahiba should have the opportunity to complete her graduation. However, Akaal refuses to change his rules, stating that Sahiba hasn’t learned her lesson despite Menaka humiliating her. Sahiba counters by saying that Menaka spoke the bitter truth and made her realize that she should pursue her childhood dream.

Prabjyoth accuses Sahiba of being jealous of Kiara and trying to degrade her. Jasleen agrees with Prabjyoth, claiming that Sahiba’s help for Kiara was just an act. Sahiba responds by suggesting that Jasleen should write a script based on her imaginative stories, emphasizing that she helped Angad and Kiara for their sake and not out of jealousy. The family continues to shout at Sahiba, and in a fit of rage, Manveer burns Sahiba’s file. Sahiba tries to put out the fire with her bare hands, explaining that her certificates are inside. Angad arrives home and asks Sahiba what is happening. Sahiba explains the situation, and Angad extinguishes the fire. Manveer accuses Sahiba of wanting to pursue graduation against the family’s wishes.

Angad expresses his surprise at their backward thinking, reminding them that everyone in the family is a graduate and Jasleen is even a postgraduate. Manveer shouts that Sahiba will work after graduation. However, Angad suggests that they discuss it later and let Sahiba complete her graduation first. He signs the admission form, giving his approval. Akaal yells at Sahiba for the first time, expressing his disapproval of Angad’s decision. Manveer continues to shout, but Angad stands firm, insisting that Sahiba should be allowed to complete her graduation before any further decisions are made. The family is left fuming with Angad’s actions.


Angad informs Sahiba that important business clients will be visiting in the evening and expects her to be there as his wife. However, Sahiba informs him that she has an entrance exam that night. Angad reminds Sahiba about her promise to always stand by his side and insists that she should be home before 4 p.m. on that day. When the clients arrive, they mistake Seerat for Angad’s wife. Sahiba walks in later, straight from college, and Prabjyoth clarifies that she is Angad’s wife. The client jokes that Angad is enjoying having two wives and asks if he can have one of them. Angad angrily tries to hit the client, but Sahiba stops him.


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