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At the start of the episode, Bhim carelessly spills water all over the papads and subsequently falls down. Amma spots this then Madan and Rekha watch as Bindiya sells grocery items and records them in her book. Aspiring to take away Bindiya’s employment, Madan invites Phoolmati to a meeting while talking about the grocer’s ownership of both the scooter and store. Rekha is eager to get hold of the keys but Phoolmati insists it should be her who goes instead. Consequently, Madan decides on who will go.

In tears, Amma tells Payal that the papads are ruined. Payal says rain has not fallen, so why did they get soaked? Amma says that might be those evils’ work. Payal agrees. Madan arrives at the grocery store in a burqa. Bindiya doubts him and tells the grocer. Madan makes a box fall down to distract Bindiya and run away with the scooter keys. He says the customer is God. Bindiya thinks he is a man seeing his hands. She runs out and holds the scooter’s backseat tyre to stop him from driving off.

Her shopkeeper comes out, but Madan rides away with his scooter. Rekha, Bhim and Rekha watch her. The grocer asks Bindiya to manage it and close it in the evening and give him the keys. He says he will file a complaint with the police. He goes. Madan keeps the scooter away and comes to his car. He asks what’s the latest? Madan says someone will get his scooter. Bindiya locks the shop and goes to the grocer’s house.

The grocer shared with Bindiya that he had somehow obtained his scooter, without knowing who had stolen it. She found the news pleasing and requested her wage. He said he would give her 150 Rupees per day tomorrow, and she happily accepted. Madan and Phoolwati entered the shop while Rekha and Bhim remained outside. Upon observing Bindiya leaving for home, she thought to herself that she had landed a good job. Then, upon reaching the closed store door, she offered gratitude to the shop. Madan violently broke the lock open to obtain all of the money and commanded his team to do all of the work.

She tells Dadi not to feel bad about everything. Bindiya tells Dadi not to feel bad. She says she will earn 450 Rs in 3 days and 120 Rs from Ram Pyaari’s milk. Dadi asks where the remaining money will come from. Bindiya says Ambe Maa will do something, so she brings some papads she found on the terrace. Madan and his team steal the money and the groceries from the shop. Madan says it will be fun when Bindiya comes to shop with him.

In the morning, Payal is told by Bindiya that she is dropping her off at school and will go to the store. She asks Payal to go with her and let her help. Bindiya asks her to sell papads that she had fried at school. She tells Paal that her hands are hurting and she can’t lift it anymore. She says give me easy work. Bindiya says this work was easy and other work was hard. If you sell papad to 10 children, you will earn 50 Rs.

Bindiya takes her to school, then goes to the shop. She enquires what has happened and the owner is tearful. He accuses Bindiya, but Phoolmati is delighted. Bindiya insists she had locked up securely when someone else must have broken it, a man mentioning just a mad dog’s sound was heard (which was made by Phoolmati). The grocer expresses his regret for trusting her and baddies smirk in victory. Her wages for the previous day are denied, being told to feel ashamed instead. Rekha remarks on how hard she had worked without getting paid and they continue their celebration. Bindiya recalls Sarpanch’s words as she leaves.


After being bullied by her classmates for selling papads, Payal throws them. She then makes up a story that someone stole the money. Madan and her friends arrive.

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