Teri Meri Doriyaan 9th March 2023 Written Update


Maid Sukhdeep asks Sahiba to let her clean the store room. Sahiba says it’s okay since she’s habitual to working and will change the room. Angad munches food alone. Seerat asks if they will not eat from the same plate. Garry admits he’s hungry.

Ludhina says she feels bored here and wishes to move to a 5-star hotel. Asked which hotel is Ludhina’s favourite 5-star hotel, she replied that all hotels are the same, and she prefers 7-star hotels like London’s Marriot and Paris’ Hilton Hotel. He believes he threw her off, but she fooled him.

She asks him not to go. He says it’s important. She says they’ll go to his 5-star hotel for dinner. He thinks a dhaba hopper would want 5-star food. He leaves saying, “Let’s see what happens.

As Seerat wonders why Garry is acting weird, she watches Angad and Sahiba’s wedding news on her mobile and calls Santosh to find out what’s going on outside. When neighbours enter, Santosh picks up the landline to congratulate him on getting Sahiba married to Angad Brar.

Then they taunt her that her elder daughter Seerat eloped with someone. According to Santosh, she challenged him for her daughter to be married into the Brar family and he won. Sahiba will rule the Brar mansion now. A neighbour tells Santosh that Sahiba trapped Angad and married him. Santosh gets angry with them and warns them not to speak. She fumes that her mother is troubled by her neighbours.

After thinking for a while, she concludes that both Brars and Garry have realized the truth by now. She prays to God that Garry does not misunderstand her true love for him.

Keerat threatens neighbours to expose their family issues and shoos them away. Santosh prays for God to protect Sahiba since Angad is capable of taking any measure to avenge her.

The aide is scolded for not being able to locate Seerat as Angad walks into the hallway. When he sees dust coming from the store room, he shouts, “Who is it?” Sahiba comes out and says it is her. He humiliates her. According to the servant, Sahiba opted to stay in the store room and cleaned it herself because she didn’t want to snatch someone’s rights.

According to Sahiba, she comes from a middle-class family where a whole family can live in a room as big as Angad’s storeroom. Angad calls her hypocritical and continues to humiliate her.

Sahiba says she will be tired of testing her patience, and Angad says he is ready for that. Veer asks Angad not to be so inhuman to Sahiba. Angad responds that he is prepared for that.

As Sahiba lies to them, Angad warns him not to sympathize with him. Sahiba does not want to wander around searching for food all day, so Veer asks the servant to keep a water mug in the store room. Veer says he has never seen Angad misbehaving with others before and advises Sahiba not to worry about Angad’s rude behaviour.

In addition, the maid asks Sahiba if she should bring her food hiding. The maid asks Sahiba not to get scolded by Angad for her concern and Sahiba thanks her for her concern. In his room, Angad recalls everything that has happened so far and vents his frustration by breaking items.

The precap: Manveer provokes Angad to punish Sahiba.

Sahiba asks Ajith if he heard anything about Seerat. Ajith asks her not to mention Seerat’s name. Sahiba says she will look into it. Jasleen informs Gangad that Seerat is missing.

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