Pandya Store 7th July 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 7th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

Krish starts off the Episode feeling guilty, but Prerna quickly reassures him that he did it for Dhara. Mittu then asks about Chiku’s departure after the party and Raavi suggests taking him along if he wants to come. Mittu agrees and suggests asking Chiku, so Krish goes to do so. Raavi adds that a mother’s priority is always her child, and Dhara wants Chiku to leave with happy memories. Dhara then makes Shweta promise to keep Chiku from crying and make him happy. Shiva comments on Dhara’s thoughtfulness for including everyone in the party.

“Raavi apologizes for not realizing that her actions were causing harm as a daughter-in-law, and asks if it is wrong to think about the well-being of a child. Dhara assures her that they are all at fault. She then requests Raavi to let her know if there are any misunderstandings, and gives her a new dress for Chiku to wear at the party. Shweta expresses gratitude. Gautam embraces Dhara, and they both shed tears. Shiva expresses concern over the fact that their house is being sold, even though it holds sentimental value for them. Meanwhile, Dev and Rishita discuss how Gautam is rushing things and that there could have been another solution to Chiku’s situation. Dev admits his worry about how this will affect the family, not wanting to inflict pain upon them.”

Natasha asks Rishita to choose her dress as she states that they will stay connected with their friends. Rishita, who already has a plan in mind, looks at Dev walking away and shares it with Natasha, “I need a good actor to help me get Chiku back, and you’re the best one I know.” Excitedly, Natasha agrees to do whatever it takes to stop Chiku from leaving. Pleased with her friend’s determination, Rishita hugs her. Meanwhile, Shesh overhears their conversation. Rishita then explains her plan to make Chiku believe that Natasha is sick so that she won’t leave. With Mittu’s permission, they try to convince Chiku but she refuses. Shesh interjects and remarks that Rishita is not his mother; hence, she is not making any plans with him. Suddenly, Shiva apologizes to his mother for catching a bug earlier on while playing.

Suman turns away. Shiva says he doesn’t want this house sold, because he has responsibility towards Mittu. Suman says we aren’t here to take care of him, right, you go and stay alone, you have left for 7 years and couldn’t manage, Gautam and Dhara handled you always, you don’t miss me, he says you come with me. Shiva leaves. She cries. Natasha acts. Rishita smiles. Shiva leaves.

According to her, this one is perfect. Mittu goes on to hide the bag in the storeroom while Chiku watches. Shweta and Dhara take charge of cooking the food together. Shweta promises to keep Chiku happy and provide for him whenever he needs. Dhara disagrees, stating that all they need to do is guide him towards understanding right and wrong. As if on cue, Chiku appears in the room. Shweta serves him the food and asks for his feedback. Chiku admits that it’s delicious and unlike anything he’s had before. Dhara reminds him that she has cooked the same thing many times before. Chiku then speaks up about coming to retrieve his water bottle, causing Suman to feel emotional as she talks to Darshan’s picture. Just then, Dhara arrives with a set of clothes for Suman and mentions that it’s time for the children’s goodbye as a family. She urges Suman to cherish these final moments together as they will be fond memories someday.

As Suman and Dhara sob, Gautam calls out his brothers and asks them to divide the memories too. He says take the photos from albums, leave Dhara and my pictures, and if you don’t understand what to do, burn them.


Gautam says he is Nagesh and he is buying the house. Everyone signs the papers, and Nagesh declares it to be his now.


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