Agnisakshi 23rd March 2023 Written Update

Agnisakshi 23rd March 2023 Written Episode Update on

Rajnandini disagrees with Jeevika at the beginning of the episode. Narayan calls Jeevika. Rajnandini says we won’t have time. I’ll go and come back. Narayan asks Jeevika what she’s made for dinner. The dishes she’s made. Narayan says I can’t wait to have them. He leaves. Rajnandini says I know you guys have it and that’s why I said. She says Papa seems excited, so I’ll order it. Jeevika says I said it because I knew how to make it and it is easy to make.

Rajnandini insists on taking charge of today’s meals for your first cooking experience. Jeevika initially declines, but Rajnandini reassures her that she knows what’s best for the family and offers to help reduce her stress levels. As she leaves to freshen up, Satvik apologizes for assuming Jeevika had already eaten. She assures him it was not his fault.

Satvik says you won’t stay empty stomach and asks if she’s alright. Jeevika says yes, no, don’t know. He asks why you’re confused and where you’re lost. As Jeevika says, it’s all because of you, because you don’t want to take care of yourself when you do dieting, you don’t want fruit salads, buttermilk, etc., and if you don’t, who will take care of yours?

Besides handling business and home, she says food is not only about body peace, but also about soul peace. He holds her hand and says silently Jeevika said all this at one go. Jeevika says I talk nonstop with those, whom I like. He says I have a solution for every problem you have and asks her to come along.

Juhi tells Rajnandini that she had made a food plan to insult Jeevika, but you ruined it. Rajnandini tells Juhi she has told Jeevika more items now, and she cannot make food at a short notice. She says she will be insulted more. She calls the restaurant and cancels the order. She asks the guy to keep the money.

Lata Mausi later announces that they have gathered for Jeevika’s first rasoi and calls for the servants to bring the food quickly. To their surprise, the food arrives and Rajnandini wonders where Jeevika managed to get so much food from. Upon checking with the restaurant, she discovers that the order was cancelled. This news upsets Rajnandini and Juhi, as well as Satvik. However, Aadhya, Shlok, Lata Mausi, and Narayan all enjoy the meal. Narayan thanks Jeevika for the delicious Marathi cuisine. Juhi suggests that Jeevika must have ordered from outside. Lata defends her by saying that Jeevika is not like her sisters; being a Marathi mulgi, she knows how to handle such situations.

She requests them to try the food. Rajnandini and Juhi join in for the meal. Rajnandini tastes a bite and agrees with Lata Mausi that Jeevika is the one who made it. Narayan suggests that they stick to making traditional Indian dishes at home. Juhi wonders if they will ever get to have an English breakfast. Shlok points out that although the Britishers may have left, their influence is still present. Narayan clarifies that those who prefer desi food should stick to it, while videshi food is for those who enjoy it. Aadhya acknowledges that it may be exhausting for Vahini (sister-in-law) to prepare such a variety of meals. Jeevika volunteers to handle all the cooking. Satvik playfully teases her and asks her to simply sit down and eat with them instead. Shlok and Aadhya good-humoredly tease them both as well.

Jeevika asks Rajnandini if she will rule here. Rajnandini asks her to eat silently. Narayan asks Jeevika to eat with them. Satvik talks to his employee. Jeevika follows him. Satvik offers to cut the onion. She remembers him helping her. He says we’ll do it. Jeevika agrees. Satvik says we’re already late, so he cuts the onion for her. Jeevika ties her hair and then knead the floor. Their heads collide.

As soon as the food is ready, the Agnisakshi song plays. Satvik tastes it and signs it to her. Flashback ends. Satvik asks if she was staring at him. Jeevika says she wants to thank him. She asks if he likes sketching. He says he used to do it a long time ago. According to you, a supportive life partner makes the journey easier.


As Satvik places the necklace on Jeevika’s neck, his father says that she is not only the daughter in law of this family, but also the pride of our family. The necklace belongs to the girl you will marry. Lata Mausi tells Jeevika, your family has made your deal here. Jeevika asks her how she would feel if someone spoke negatively of her. Satvik stops Lata Mausi from slapping Jeevika.

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