Teri Meri Doriyaan 23rd December 2023 Written Episode: Sahiba’s Confrontation Unleashes Family Turmoil


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Garry parties with his friends and flirts with a girl. Sahiba walks up to him. Garry smirks at her. Sahiba says he should relive his conscience just as he is relived after death. Garry says he thought he came here to congratulate him. His greed has left him far from his family. He thanks God she came here to share her moral gyaan, but he is disappointed that Angad sent her here rather than himself dealing with him.

Even in her weirdest dream, Sahiba is sure Angad will get back everything that belongs to him, even though she came here and won’t deal with him. She claims that is her illusion and that Angad will get everything back. He says precisely that he is leading a good life once again and partying hard.

She says she’s here to confront him over his misbehavior towards his mother. Garry says he doesn’t want to hear anything about his mother since he’s happy without her. Sahiba asks if he’s really happy after leaving his mother in pain after leaving her. She says Jasleen is in deep shock seeing her son’s betrayal, he is partying here while his mother is crying unconsolably without having a drop of water. Garry gets nervous and asks her to stop.

Sahiba says his mother stood by him in all his good and bad deeds and brought her up alone, facing all the difficulties, while his father has never visited him. He asks how he is. As Yash enters, he asks if she came to see them succeed. Sahiba confronts him to stop poisoning a son against his mother and asks why he hasn’t visited Garry. He emerges suddenly to exact revenge on his ex-wife.

Garry tries to leave nervously. Sahiba tells Yash that God will never forgive him for separating a son from his mother as he continues to confront Garry. From here, Yash asks her to tell Jasleen that she abandoned him once because he was unfit for her, and now he has abandoned her because she is unfit for him. Sahiba leaves.

He cries, recalling all the recent events. Sahiba walks to him and asks if he is okay. He replies yes. She says his wet shirt reveals the extent of his suffering. Angad cries profusely, hugging her, and says he cannot support his family. He blames himself for acting like Sunny and getting into trouble with his whole family. Sahiba asks him not to blame himself. Sahiba says Angad must think she’s always been in trouble since he married her.

He is encouraged to stop blaming himself and support his family since nobody has had food since the problem blasted on them. He must take care of his family. Angad asks where she gets her courage from. Sahiba says, God. They hear music and look confused as she asks the maid to serve lunch and calls everyone to the dining hall.


In the Baweja house, Yash dances to music. Angad warns him to stop his drama, how dare he come here. Yash claims the Brar mansion belongs to him now, and he will demolish it soon.

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