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Agnisakshi 24th March 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode begins with Juhi informing Rajnandini that canceling the order was a good decision. She compliments Jeevika’s cooking skills and jokes that even a dog wouldn’t have enjoyed the ordered food. Rajnandini gives her a stern look and Juhi apologizes to her sister. Just then, Jeevika arrives and Rajnandini questions why she bothered cooking if they had already placed an order. Jeevika explains that she initially hesitated but was helped by Satvik. Suddenly, the doorbell rings and a courier guy addresses Rajnandini as Mrs. Bhosle. She confirms her identity and he reveals his package is for Mrs. Satvik Bhosle.

Jeevika accepts the courier, and Lata reminds Rajnandini, also known as Mrs. Bhosle, that she is not the sole recipient. They request Jeevika to check its contents. Meanwhile, attorney Atul contacts Satvik and informs him that their team mistakenly sent the divorce papers to his address, and he received confirmation of delivery. Surprised, Jeevika opens the package and discovers the divorce papers inside. Rajnandini inquires about their contents while Juhi suggests that Jeevika read them aloud if they are in Hindi. Lata then asks for Jeevika to give her the papers, but before she can take them, Satvik arrives and takes them from her hand abruptly. Lata jokingly questions if it is a secret love letter between them.

Narayan inquires about the papers, to which Satvik responds that they are Jeevika’s life insurance documents to ensure her future. He then asks Jeevika to sign them, but Narayan intervenes and suggests that Satvik instead put Savitri’s necklace on Jeevika. Both Jeevika and Satvik are taken aback by this unexpected suggestion. Lata remarks that modern-day children do not appreciate such gestures. Satvik attempts to place the necklace on Jeevika, while Narayan requests him to hand over the papers. However, Jeevika insists on holding onto them herself. Finally, Satvik successfully adorns Jeevika with the necklace as Narayan proudly proclaims her importance in their household. Juhi turns to Lata and questions if she had wanted that particular piece of jewelry for herself. But Jeevika reminds herself that her future holds divorce papers, not a precious necklace like this one.

Pallavi promises to take Jhanvi to Jeevika’s house tomorrow. Jhanvi cries. Pradeep and Swara arrive. Pradeep and Pallavi argue. Swara promises to take Jhanvi.

Jeevika informs Satvik that she has to publicly receive a courier and apologize. Satvik defends Atul’s assistant for the mistake. Jeevika presents a necklace to Satvik, who acknowledges that it belongs to her. However, Jeevika clarifies that its value lies not in its diamond material, but in being a family heirloom from his mother, which will eventually pass on to his future wife. She then walks away while Satvik is left upset. Meanwhile, Juhi and Lata engage in a heated argument where Juhi makes a snide remark about Lata’s interest in Jeevika’s necklace.

In a meeting with some guys, Satvik tells them that I was unable to complete the designs and fulfill my responsibility. They check the designs and say they know you like perfection. Another guy says these are better than Paris designer. I know you learned about women’s choices after marriage, he says. Satvik smiles when he sees these designs.

Lata reprimands Juhi, commenting that she and her sister are constantly at home. Rajnandini inquires about the situation and Juhi relays Lata’s words. Lata responds by asserting her initial statement and asking if anyone thinks she would be afraid, having dealt with many Rajnandinis like herself before. Rajnandini reminds Lata that there is only one of her. Lata retorts by accusing Rajnandini of having impure blood, to which Rajnandini mocks her for being envious of Jeevika’s jewelry. She continues to taunt Lata, pointing out the impurity in her veins. Lata reaffirms that she knew Rajnandini’s true nature from their first encounter and insults her further by comparing her to a termite destroying their household. She calls Rajnandini a witch (Dayan).

Jeevika inquires about the current situation, to which Rajnandini responds by claiming her superiority and ability to speak freely. Lata interjects with a mention of Sita and Gita, advising Rajnandini to deceive Satvik and Narayan. She warns that Rajnandini is capable of causing harm to everyone. Jeevika questions why Lata is directing these hurtful remarks towards her sister-in-law. Lata justifies her actions by stating that they are all alike and expresses doubt over Rajnandini’s worthiness as Satvik’s wife. She accuses Rajnandini of being married off for financial gain and questions if she even considered her own family’s well-being in this decision. Rajnandini defends herself with a smile, mentioning Jeevika’s reputable background. This prompts Lata to call her a gold digger. Jeevika points out the hypocrisy of Lata’s statement, asking if she would say the same things about her own daughter. In response, Lata raises her hand to strike Jeevika but is stopped by Satvik’s arrival.


Satvik looks at Jeevika, and she asks him is he sleepy. Satvik asks her what we will do today. Jeevika says, something every married couple does. They sit in the kitchen and eat ice cream.

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