Kumkum Bhagya 11th October 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 11th October 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

During the episode, Ranbir sits on Prachi’s ward and kisses her on the forehead and wipes his tears. He cries holding her hand. Prachi becomes conscious and calls him. He says Prachi…He asks her not to move and not to worry about Khushi, since she is in another ward and will be fine. He asks her not to worry about him either. Prachi says you’re crying like children and says mad.

It seems you haven’t changed even on the hospital bed. She asks him not to call her yaar. He says nobody can cry in front of her. Prachi asks Ranbir to come near her. She says I’m here and alive, so why should I let you cry baklu? Prachi says don’t make me laugh. He asks whether I can tickle you and says sorry. Prachi thanks him for his presence there, when he was needed. In his words, Ranbir says you don’t realize how much I need you and Khushi, both.

He promises to bring back the time which they have lost, and says I have one condition, and asks her to promise that she will never separate from him again. Prachi cries and says the time I have spent without you caused me a great deal of pain. When Akshay hears this, he gets angry. Abhay stops him and tells him to go inside later. Akshay does. Ranbir says we cannot be separated, nobody can. Oh Mahi Ve plays….

The locksmith arrives and tells Abhay that he has reached. He tells Vishaka that Abhay sent him here. He says he has to make the key. Vishaka asks where Akshay is. The locksmith says he is with Akshay. When Manpreet arrives, he asks what happened? Vishaka says they were playing a game when Mihika got locked. Divya says first she locked me, then I locked her, but I lost the key. The locksmith smiles. Vishaka asks him to work on it.

Akshay arrived at Prachi’s ward and inquired if he could speak to her for a moment. Ranbir stood up from his seat, as Akshay approached Prachi and held her hand. He asked how she was doing and expressed his concern. Prachi reassured him that she was fine, but explained that the car’s brakes had failed. Akshay admitted he had been worried and unable to reach her on the phone, so he contacted Ranbir who informed him of the situation. Prachi credited Ranbir for saving them, mentioning that Khushi was also there with them. She couldn’t imagine what would have happened if Ranbir hadn’t been there for them. Feeling grateful, she acknowledged that they owed their lives to Ranbir. In response, Ranbir assured them both that everything was going to be okay.

Upon arrival, the nurse requests that the individuals exit the premises. She informs them that only one person is allowed to remain inside, while the rest wait outside. Ranbir declines, but Prachi insists she is doing well and urges them to leave. Abhay encourages Akshay to accompany him and give Prachi some time to rest. As they vacate the area, the nurse assures Prachi that Ranbir is in good hands and suggests she stays with him. Manpreet attempts to make sense of the situation, while Mihika prompts her to check for any distressing news on her phone. Vishaka remarks that because she is locked up, it’s difficult for her to articulate anything accurately. Once the locksmith opens the door, Mihika emerges from within followed by Vishaka and Divya. Meanwhile, Manpreet enters Mihika’s room to find it in disarray.

While Abhay tries to stop Akshay, Ranbir tells him not to make a mistake, or he will beat him like a goon. He says Akshay will change his character if he doesn’t earn respect to become respected. Akshay tells him that his wife is inside, and you are her husband. He says he doesn’t care what people think, if they think I am her husband, slave or whatever.

He says I will keep her always and says if you claim Prachi to be his wife, I will claim that she is my wife, and then you will vanish. He says I have no enmity with you and have come here just for Prachi. Eventually, he says if you do anything, I will keep you away from Prachi due to your cheap tactics and tells him he knows the truth. Because he is not Prachi’s husband, he says he understands him well because he knows his truth.

Nurse comes there and tells Ranbir that Prachi is calling and wants to meet with him. Ranbir leaves. Abhay asks Akshay what he is going to do? Akshay replies that everything is fair in love and war.

Then Ranbir comes to Prachi and says you called me. Prachi says that she was given an injection, so she felt sleepy, but was worried about Khushi. Ranbir asks why? Apparently, I told him Khushi was fine and in another room. Prachi says she wants to see her, so he takes her there. He asks her to rest and then he will take her to Khushi’s room. He says he really missed you and used to think about you when you were not with me. He says that he used to see you when he closed his eyes.

Prachi says you are with me, and I don’t want anything else. She says I am really happy. Ranbir says I am the best for you. He says nobody can love you like me, so you run away from me and I come running to you. Prachi asks how I love you, and he says just like you love me. She takes her hand back.

She insists that Ranbir take her to Khushi, but he asks her not to let the happiness go. He tells her not to let it go. She stumbles. Ranbir holds her. Akshay watches her and says, “I cannot bear it anymore.” He makes Prachi lie on the bed and asks her to rest. He says he will call the doctor.

As Vishaka and Divya try to prevent her, Mihika exits the hall. Manpreet arrives and inquires about the state of her room. Mihika questions, “Do you want me to tidy up before I leave?” Ashok interjects, “What’s going on?” To which Mihika retorts, “What’s the issue? It’s my room and I can maintain it however I wish.” The locksmith demands 350 Rs. Suddenly, the Police Inspector appears and announces his intention to arrest… The locksmith protests his innocence. Ashok hands him money, and he departs. The Inspector clarifies that they have come to detain Mihika. Manpreet inquires about her supposed crime. The Inspector responds with a shocking accusation – attempted murder of Prachi Tandon.

Ranbir tells the Doctor it is an emergency. The Doctor says he is with his patient. The patient asks him to leave. Ranbir tells the Doctor that Prachi has closed her eyes, and isn’t talking.

Ashok says you aren’t saying anything. Ashok says Mihika was home and Prachi had gone out with her daughter. Mihika asks inspector to clarify if it was attempted murder or murder. It is reported that Prachi is not dead, but is in hospital. Inspector tells Manpreet and Ashok that Prachi’s brakes failed. Vishaka asks about Khushi. Inspector says they are fine. He says he has come to arrest her.

My daughter cannot do this, Manpreet says, and she tells me she knows her. Inspector says the car has been checked and we have received information that Mihika has failed the brakes. Akshay arrives and says Ranbir has failed the brakes, not Mihika. He says he will provide you with proof. After returning to Prachi’s ward, Ranbir asks if I should bring anything. Doctor checks Prachi.

It is unclear what has happened to Prachi. Doctor says she is fine, this is a medication effect, and she needs rest. When Ranbir tells him he would die if anything happened to Prachi, the doctor tells him not to worry and says she will be fine since she has no internal injuries. Doctor leaves. Ranbir thanks the doctor, who leaves. In the face of an unconscious Prachi, Ranbir declares he will die if something happened to her, and that she will not leave him. Prachi opens her eyes and says she is sleepy. She closes her eyes.


Manpreet asks what Akshay is doing? Inspector says Ranbir Kohli is under arrest for trying to kill Prachi Tandon. Akshay feels triumphant.


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