Teri Meri Doriyaan 12th September 2023 Written Update


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Sahiba calls Keerat while she is talking to Veer and merges the calls. She asks Sahiba where she is and why she has not yet reached home. Sahiba says she is in a college hostel. When Keerat asks her about what happened with Angad Jiju that she had to leave him and her home; Angad had been excited to propose to her, and even she was excited. Sahiba says she does not want to scratch her wounds further and needs some time to explain.

During the next morning, Angad’s friends – Akaal, Japjyoth, Inder and Manveer – enter his room. Japjyoth notices that he appeared tired and asks if everything is okay. Angad confirms that he is fine. Inder remarks on the time and asks if Angad plans on going to work. However, Angad sternly declares that he does not want to talk about Sahiba leaving the house. Akaal quickly clarifies that they didn’t bring it up. Apologizing for his outburst, Angad turns to see Seerat bringing breakfast for him. Manveer urges him to eat and suggests giving him some alone time afterwards.

Japjyoth wants to know why Sahiba left Angad. Akaal says he thought Angad and Sahiba were the perfect couple, then what happened suddenly. According to Angad, Sahiba left him because she believes he hidden the discussion between Angad and Seerat, and his intentions are bad, which is why she left him. Sahiba doubts Sahiba’s intentions, so Seerat is tensed. Inder asks why Sahiba doubts Sahiba’s intentions.

Japjyoth asks Seerat what she told Angad about Sahiba getting angry. Sahiba gets angry and seerat blabbers nervously. Angad claims that what Seerat told is not important, because Sahiba doesn’t trust him and didn’t stop even after apologizing. Angad is right, he shouldn’t compromise this time and let Sahiba go, Manveer says.

Seerat remarks that Sahiba has always been determined to leave Angad, even though he pleaded with her. She made it clear that she did not want to marry him and does not value him. Now, she has finally left him. Manveer agrees with Seerat’s assessment. Inder believes that Sahiba, being a sensible girl, must have had a valid reason for her actions, and suggests that Angad should visit her to find out the truth. However, Seerat reveals that Sahiba is currently residing in a college hostel and is not at home. Akaal expresses concern over Sahiba having to stay in such cramped living conditions and speculates that something must have happened to hurt her deeply. They need to investigate further and uncover the truth of the matter.

In her hostel, her friends bully and ask her to leave her room because it is her favorite place to hang out. Sahiba refuses, saying she was allotted this room, so they can find another one. One of them claims to be Angad’s wife, Sahiba. Sahiba says she should use her energy in something more productive than interfering in other people’s lives. Riddhi taunts her that her in-laws must have kicked her out of the house.

Her gang attempts to forcefully enter the room with Riddhi continuing to bully her. Warden walks in and asks what is going on. Sahiba explains the situation. Riddhi says they just study in this room because it has a good vibe. Warden warns her that she knows what she does, and she will complain principal if she trouble Sahiba again. Sahiba is told that this room belongs to her by Warden. Ridhi and her gang walk away.

Santosh, accompanied by her family, approaches Sahiba with anger. She claims that Sahiba had come to slap her and forcibly send her back to Angad’s house. Meanwhile, Ajeeth notices Sahiba looking downcast and inquires about the reason behind it. Seerat brings food for Angad, urging him to eat and go to work as she cannot bear to see him in pain. However, Angad rudely tosses the food aside and walks away, rejecting her offer of help. Concerned about Sahiba’s sudden departure from Angad’s house, Santosh and Ajeeth question her about it. Sahiba chooses not to divulge any details and instead recalls the event in her mind. Realizing that Seerat may have played a part in it, Santosh expresses this suspicion out loud. This thought weighs heavily on Sahiba’s mind as well. Ajeeth suggests for Sahiba to return home, but she adamantly refuses. The conversation between them continues without much resolution.


Sahiba says she didn’t send flowers after breaking up with him and finds a note from Mirza. The man grins psychopathically and hides. Angad gets a flower bouquet and wonders if Sahiba sent it. He meets her and shouts at her for sending flowers after breaking up with him.


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