Kumkum Bhagya 4th February 2024 Written Episode: RV’s Shocking Revelation Shakes Khushi!

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The Episode begins with RV reminding Khushi that she meant more to him than just her name. She was his source of joy. He adds that now her sister is in his care and promises to take good care of her. Khushi declares that her sister is her world and will not allow anyone to harm her. RV accuses Khushi of pretending to be innocent. Khushi asserts that nothing happened between them and dismisses RV’s love as disposable, like tissue paper. She questions why he persisted after she rejected his love and marriage proposal. She asks why he made her suffer and caused pain to both herself and her family. Just as Khushi is about to leave, RV insists on getting an answer from her before he considers leaving her sister alone. Khushi hesitates but stays back.

Vishaka and Ashok express concern for Khushi’s safety. Vishaka reveals that Poorvi may have played a role in Jasbir’s arrival in their lives. Prachi defends Poorvi, stating that she is also their daughter. Ashok reassures them that everyone is worried about Khushi being missing. Poorvi then admits that Badi Bua was right. Jasbir kidnapped Khushi because of her. Prachi tries to console her and asks if she has asked him to kidnap her, too. Diya chimes in, reminding Poorvi that she did not intentionally cause the kidnapping. Despite this, Poorvi blames herself for the incident and states that Jasbir took revenge by kidnapping Khushi. Prachi urges Poorvi to stop blaming herself, as it is not her fault. Just then, an Inspector arrives with news that they have found the kidnapper, Satyendra. Everyone is taken aback, and Prachi reminds Poorvi not to blame herself for something beyond her control.

Khushi asked me what I had done to you. He replies that he didn’t love anyone after what she did. He used to love only her. She then asks how he used to look at the time. He replies with “poor”. Now, he is rich and suggests she ask Armaan about it. She pleads for him not to bring Armaan into their conversation. RV remembers the day they met at the office for her internship. The Manager introduces them, and RV offers her help if needed. As Sukoon Mila plays in the background, RV confesses that he felt so much when he saw her for the first time and knew he would never leave her once he touched her. When Khushi was about to be fired by their boss, RV took all the blame on himself and got scolded on her behalf.

In a flashback, RV receives a scolding from the boss before emerging from the room. Khushi apologizes and offers her tiffin, mentioning that she made it. Impressed, RV comments on her cooking skills and says she enjoys the food. As the flashback ends, he recalls their past, where they spent much time together and used to share meals. He remembers explicitly proposing to Khushi in a temple. In another flashback, RV proposes to Khushi in the temple with a ring that is not made of diamond but is still unique to him. She asks him to put it on her finger, and he happily obliges. Then, she hugs him. Finally, RV mentions how they got married after this moment and moves on with the story.

Khushi makes a sour face and tries to remove the ring. He turns, and she feigns smiles, and Facebook ends. He says I didn’t understand that you were playing with my emotions and don’t love me. He says I didn’t know when you were selected as a model for Armaan’s company. Khushi poses for the photo shoot. Armaan looks at her. RV also comes there and calls her. Khushi ignores him. Khushi says it is okay. RV beats up the guy for touching her. Flashback ends.

RV explains that you are fully aware of the sincerity of my love. It was not the type of affection that changed with the arrival of someone new. He goes on to mention that when I was being assaulted by another man, instead of standing up for me, I chose to flee from the situation. This made me realize that you were not committed to our relationship and were being unfaithful. He adds that I kept a close eye on your movements for an entire year. Eventually, I even resorted to hiring a private investigator named Satyendra. A flashback is shown where RV meets Satyendra and instructs him to gather information about your whereabouts and potential lovers. The flashback ends with RV continuing to explain that he had you kidnapped from our wedding venue. As he concludes his account, the police arrive and arrest Satyendra based on their investigation.

RV tells her that when we were getting married, all his family members were waiting for her, I had come to you and you were looking at yourself, planning something. A flashback is shown: RV comes to Khushi and asks when you are coming to the mandap. She says 10 minutes. RV says I knew you called Armaan that day and told him I tried to molest you.


RV tells Khushi that he will return whatever she has done to him after the police come to the wedding venue and arrest him for molesting her.

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