Barsatein 18th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Aradhana’s Lingering Fear of Reyansh’s Return!


Barsatein 18th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aradhana shouts to Jai and Aradhana that Reyansh is delicate, alive, and warm. Aradhana and Jai call the doctor. Reyansh smiles and gets conscious. He says I told you, you came to see me. He recalls the accident, and he asked someone to tell Aradhana about his death. Reyansh says take me to the hospital, I will give you money, and you won’t get arrested. Take him to the hospital because he’s mad.

Reyansh tells Aradhana that her love for him is still strong, and she takes good care of him. He remembers speaking to the doctor, asking for cooperation, and offering money in return. The doctor agrees. However, Aradhana scolds Reyansh for his actions, to which he responds that it is a genuine situation. She argues that it was all just a play and questions how he could do such a thing. He insists that his life was indeed in danger, and she caught him in the act. The doctor and staff enter the room as Reyansh points out Aradhana shed tears for him. Despite this, Aradhana scolds him for his wrongdoings while he justifies himself by saying everything is fair in love and war. As Aradhana leaves the room, Jai instructs the doctor to take care of Reyansh and consoles Aradhana, who is left crying.

He assures you that you haven’t caused any harm to me. I would have been disappointed if you hadn’t melted the heart of someone dear to you. Your heart is filled with love, emotions, and pain. I’ve always known it, even if not for me, at least for Reyansh. She commends your goodness but advises against being too good. He responds by saying that someone has to be good in this story. He decides to speak to the police as he believes that the accident was done deliberately and the culprit should be arrested. He approaches the inspector and discusses the matter. Reyansh receives medical attention, and Aradhana suggests going home. Jai tells her she can stay back as Reyansh needs her, but she declines, saying he is stubborn. As “Shiddat banalun tujhe” plays in the background, Reyansh smiles and thinks your heart beats for me; now I have a reason to keep living.

After a month, Jai and Aradhana seek help from a marriage counselor. Jai expresses his concern about Aradhana’s constant fearfulness. At the same time, Aradhana opens up about the issues in their marriage and her struggles to fulfill her role as a good daughter-in-law. She mentions a specific incident involving Reyansh. The counselor asks if she thinks similar situations will occur again. Jai explains that Aradhana fears Reyansh potentially re-entering her life, causing a drastic change in her behavior since the incident. As they continue their session, Aradhana receives a call from someone, and she becomes anxious when someone knocks on the door, fearing it could be Reyansh. She immediately calls Jai for reassurance, and he reminds her that he had sent Chinese food to them earlier and that it could just be the delivery person trying to contact her. Despite her doubts, he assures her everything will be okay and promises to return home soon.

The woman states that it’s a typical case of PTSD; she’s been fearful since the incident. Jai confirms that these types of things occur every day. Aradhana remembers being woken up by someone’s touch; upon seeing Jai asleep, she notices a shadow outside the window and becomes scared, thinking it might be someone. She informs Jai that Reyansh is standing outside and asks him to check. However, he doesn’t see anyone. The flashback ends, and Aradhana assures them they can ask her anything. The woman then requests a private conversation, to which Aradhana responds by saying that Jai is already aware of everything. The lady wants to know what fear Aradhana has after witnessing her ex’s death or crying for her husband in front of him.

Aradhana expresses her fear, acknowledging that he knows her weaknesses and has no qualms about exploiting them. Despite how much she loves him, she fears he will bring ruin upon her and her family. Jai reassures her that this will not happen. However, Aradhana remains uncertain whether she should feel relief that he is unharmed or worry about his safety, and her feelings are jumbled. Reminders of past losses only add to the confusion. She tearfully confesses that death leaves a permanent mark on the ones left behind yet also provides an end to their struggles. In moments like these, one can only trust fate and hope their past doesn’t resurface again.

Your marriage should work, the lady says. Jai says we began with friendship, and I want my friend, wife, and life partner to be safe since she always gets scared. I’m glad you understand; your marriage will last long, but she’ll also have to deal with her fear. The lady asks why, but why? She says the story won’t end, and he’ll come back. He can’t forget her and won’t let her forget him. I’m afraid, she won’t get rid of her ex soon, Aradhana and Jai leave.

Aradhana is confident that Reyansh will always be a part of her life. Jai reassures her that they will handle the situation together and she should not worry. He then heads to the doctor’s office, where he is informed about Aradhana’s critical condition. The doctor advises him to be careful as her ex-partner is possibly trying to win her back. But Jai remains unfazed and promises to protect her from any harm. The doctor compliments him on his love and care for Aradhana, saying she is lucky to have him by her. Satisfied, Jai heads back to his car.

He says I miss you, my friend, my colleague, I made you my partner in my new company, I know you are talented. Aradhana asks if we are going home. Jai says no, we are going to the office. It won’t help if you sit at home, let’s get back to work and make some progress, you can’t let Reyansh win. She says fine, I’ll do it. He says come to my office, and I need my star reporter back. They leave. A shadow can be seen on the ground.


Aradhana discovers Varun with someone and asks if he is with your brother’s enemy. Varun asks her to see him.

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