Shiv Shakti (Zee) 29th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Ranjan’s Sinister Plan Unfolds!

Shiv Shakti

Shiv Shakti 29th September 2023 Written Episode Update on

Shakti prompts Shiv to recall where he may have seen Ranjan previously. Despite his efforts, he becomes overwhelmed, and she reassures him to remain calm. Mandira observes from her hiding spot and assumes his memory lapse is due to her actions. Meanwhile, Dharam approaches the mehndi artist and requests that Koyal receive the henna design. She playfully asks if Koyal is his girlfriend, to which he responds with a chuckle and denies it. Unbeknownst to them, Ranjan has tampered with the juice that Dharam intends to offer Shiv as a gesture of appreciation for his hard work. Thinking he is being kind, Dharam begins carrying the juice towards Shiv. While Shakti continually accuses Ranjan without evidence, Dharam maintains a positive view of him.

Chacha summons Shakti to leave and informs her that Ranjan is searching for her. Shiv reaches for the juice as she looks around, but Manorama intervenes and snatches it from him. Seeing Ranjan’s irritation, she remarks that he showed up without an invitation and now expects complimentary juice. However, before she can drink it, Shiv returns it and retorts that he earned it through hard work. Manorama grabs the juice again and points out that he willingly chose to work, so he shouldn’t complain. She then rushes off with the juice while Ranjan frets, exclaiming that he must take action.

Shakti approaches Shiv and asks, “You had another argument with Manorama, didn’t you? We need to concentrate on Ranjan.” She then notices Ranjan chasing after Manorama and becomes puzzled. As Manorama holds a glass of juice, Ranjan trails behind her, but their friend Raghunath arrives, causing him to hide. Shakti inquires why he’s hiding from Raghunath. Together, Shiva and Shakti investigate the situation.

Meanwhile, Mandira remains hidden and is determined to open the box before they can uncover Ranjan’s secret. She searches for Nandu and entrusts the box to Keertan. Padma eavesdrops on their conversation and wonders why Mandira is so concerned about finding Nandu and what could be inside the box. After seeing Keertan place the box on a nearby table, Padma looks closer at its contents.

Trying to take the juice, Ranjan says it’s not good. It’s for Shiv. If you don’t give it to him, he’ll beat me up. Manorama says what? You can’t let him do it. Ranjan says you couldn’t do anything when he beat me up, he threatened me with getting the juice back, otherwise he won’t spare me. How will I get married if he beats me up? He can do anything, so give me this.

The doctor is crazy, says Manorama. She goes searching for Shiv. Dharam smiles at Koyal and bumps into Ranjan’s brother. Koyal laughs when he sees the juice fall on him. Nandu comes to Shakti’s house to tell Mandira that I forgot Shiv’s medicine at home, so I went to get it and will give it to him. Mandira says he is too busy. Nandu puts the medicine in the laddo, and Mandira frames his video.

Nandu says I’ll give him this. He leaves. Mandira asks Keertan why she is recording Nandu. Mandira says Shiv’s past will be revealed today, and Nandu will be blamed for it. Manorama is waiting for Shiv to give him juice. Nandu offers Shiv the ladder, and Shiv takes it. Mandira watches as he offers it to Shiv.

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