Shiv Shakti (Zee) 4th October 2023 Written Episode: Shiv’s Past Threatens to Unravel as Secrets Surface!

Shiv Shakti

Shiv Shakti 4th October 2023 Written Episode Update on

Shiv fears that Shakti will turn away from me if she discovers my past. Despite my suffering, I’ll shield her from any pain. I’ll halt this wedding by any means necessary, I promise you, Shakti. Padma confronts Mandira, labeling her selfish. Mandira acknowledges it, admitting her self-centered nature. Spotting Dadi’s arrival, Mandira advises Padma to conceal herself, cautioning about Dadi’s disdain. Aware of Dadi’s intention to discuss Shiv and Shakti’s proposal, Mandira plans to unveil Shiv’s past before that conversation, intending to shatter him. It’s time Shiv faces the consequences of his past actions.

As Shiv talks to Raghunath and Chachu, Shakti comes to Manorama and tries to take her away, but Dadi comes and greets them. She leaves to meet with Rimjhim, so Shakti takes Manorama. He tells his brother-in-law that Raghunath saw him, but he cannot tell the truth to others. He says okay. Mandira says I handled everything; take Shiv behind that door. She leaves. Ranjan says I am not taking her orders anymore. Shiv must die, and she will be blamed for it. She leers at Shakti and says I will ultimately make her mine.

Manorama tells Shakti this is her last chance, so Shakti takes her away. Mandira hears that and decides to warn Ranjan. Ranjan and his brother-in-law are approached by Shiv, who says he wants to reconcile. He asks if he can go and talk with them. Ranjan smirked and thought of locking him in a room.

While Raghunath and Chachu wait for Shiv, Shiv takes Ranjan to them. Mandira sees that and thinks they cannot see Ranjan. Ranjan hides from them and says we should go somewhere else. He said you were my family, so meet my family. He starts taking him to them. Shakti brings Manorama there. Raghunath looks at Ranjan. Mandira hides and thinks everything is destroyed now. Raghunath recalls how Shiv beat him in the company for harassing girls.

Mandira joins them, and Shiv inquires if Raghunath and Chachu are familiar with Ranjan. Raghunath responds sternly and denies any knowledge of him, stating that this is their first encounter. Shiv and Shakti exchange confused glances while Mandira smirks in the background. Shiv then wonders if Ranjan has worked at their company before, to which Chachu replies that he hasn’t seen him before. Mandira chimes in to clarify that he is Rimjhim’s fiance. Raghunath adds that Rimjhim is their daughter and warns Ranjan not to hurt her. To show respect, Ranjan touches their feet upon Mandira’s nudge. Shakti notices this gesture as Manorama takes her away from the group.

Manorama informs Shakti that they have no grudges against Ranjan, so he should stop questioning him. Upon seeing Shiv, she urges him to refrain from ruining Rimjhim’s life and then takes her leave. Shakti questions Shiv about Ranjan’s innocence because he hides from Shiv and their father. In response, Shiv points out that their father didn’t recognize Ranjan. A memory of Mandira plotting something triggers in Shakti’s mind and he suggests that he knows why their father failed to recognize Ranjan. Dadi then joins them and asks if she is interrupting a private conversation. To this, Shiv reassures her that she is a friend as well. Dadi then reminds them of Shakti’s sister’s wedding and insists on applying mehendi for the occasion. She then takes Shakti away while Shiv feels lightheaded and looks around.

Mandira informed Ranjan that she saved him. Curious, he asked how she managed it. The flashback revealed Raghunath and Chachu’s encounter with Ranjan. Mandira approached them, and Raghunath mentioned recognizing the guy and needing to stop the wedding. To Mandira’s surprise, she wanted to do the same but discovered that Ranjan had changed his ways and was now caring for the girl he had harassed and her family. She dug into his profile, causing him to break down and confess his love for Rimjhim and how she had transformed him. After hearing her story, Raghunath assured her of their trust and promised not to reveal Ranjan’s past to anyone. Returning to the present, Ranjan expressed his gratitude towards Mandira. She instructed him to think strategically and take Shiv to the room in question. Unbeknownst to them, Shakti was eavesdropping on their conversation.

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