Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th December 2023 Written Episode: Abhira Faces Dadi’s Wrath Amidst Family Tensions!

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In the beginning of the scene, Armaan wakes up and prepares to leave. He notices that Abhira is still asleep and he thinks to himself that no one has seen her, so he decides to wake her up. He calls out to her, and she dreams of Akshara, smiling in her sleep. She tells Armaan she wants to sleep a little longer, calling him “Mumma.” Upon hearing Armaan’s voice again, she remembers Akshara’s advice and pulls away from his grasp. However, she loses balance and stumbles, causing Armaan to catch her before she falls. Meanwhile, Ruhi is drying her hair when Rohit sees her and grins. The song “Jeena hai” starts playing as he gets up to assist her with unpacking, offering to make space for her belongings in the cupboard.

Abhira keeps her clothes in the cupboard. Armaan comes. He says you need more space, so I’ll make space for you. Abhira says no, I already took up too much space. Rohit and Ruhi keep their clothes in the cupboard. Abhira drops the makeup kit. She says she’s sorry. She picks everything up. Armaan says I’ll do it. She says no, I’ll handle it. Ruhi arranges her makeup kit. Kiara comes into Armaan’s room and sees the mess. She gives Abhira a toothbrush.

Upon thanking her, Armaan asked if she was upset with me. She says she made a mistake, but we must handle it. She goes. Armaan says not to worry, take this. Abhira says she meant precisely that. Dadi says Ruhi’s mu dikhai rasam is happening, why two dupattas. Vidya says I thought I should do Abhira’s mu dikhai too. The dupatta is thrown by Dadi, who shouts at Abhira, saying she isn’t my bahu.

Abhira is tense in her room. Armaan says don’t worry, I’ll come with you. She thinks I’ll come whenever I want, you go. He says look, Abhira, you haven’t eaten anything for 2-3 days, get breakfast with me. She refuses and asks him to leave. Kajal comes. Dadi says Armaan has a bad bahu and that you want to do her mu dikhai. We can’t just throw our bahu out, and we need to keep it. Dadi says I’m going to throw her out.

Dadi reminds Ruhi that she is responsible for making decisions in this household. She then turns to Rohit and expresses her favoritism towards him but clarifies that he cannot act as he pleases. Dadi adamantly declares that Abhira will never be welcomed into this family and reassures Ruhi’s mu dikhai will still take place. Kajal then asks Abhira to prepare some sweets, which is her first rasoi. Abhira, unsure, questions if anyone will eat them since the marriage was arranged. Feeling hungry, Armaan tells Kajal to leave and assures her he will accompany Abhira downstairs since she is apprehensive about going alone. He kindly affirms his support for his wife, which warmed her heart.

She drinks water and goes out, and Armaan asks her to come back in. Everyone gets seated. Dadi asks everyone to begin eating. She compliments Vidya. Vidya says she didn’t prepare the breakfast, but Ruhi did. Rohit says if you cook like this every day, my six-pack and jawline will leave the house. Ruhi smiles. Dadi says Rohit, get it. He asks what. Vidya and Kajal smile as Rohit receives a box. Dadi gives Ruhi a toffee.

The audience claps. Ruhi thanks her. Armaan and Abhira observe. Abhira holds Armaan. Dadi taunts Armaan and Abhira. Abhira does not sit. She says Dadi is right, everyone will feel uncomfortable if I sit here, I am not used to dining with everyone. She leaves. Armaan says Abhira… Dadi says the food is getting cold, so decide whether or not you want to stay with family.

Abhira asks who makes the noodles in the morning. They all rush to see the messy kitchen. Abhira makes noodles, Aryan says I also want noodles, Kiara says it’s junk food, and Abhira is gone now. She turns and sees everyone. She asks Dadi, “Would you like noodles?” I will find a matching plate and serve you. Dadi leaves. Everyone leaves. Abhira remembers Akshara.

As noodles and tears fall, Vidya and Ruhi rush over. Vidya immediately voices her dismay at the mess while Abhira apologizes. Ruhi kindly offers to take care of the cleanup. After Abhira leaves, Vidya worries about their grandmother’s strained mind. Ruhi reminds her that Dadi is still reeling from a recent upheaval and needs time to heal. Dadi speaks up, requesting that Abhira be removed from their home. Sanjay proposes sending her to a reputable hostel, but Dadi raises concerns about how they will handle any potential demands for money in the future. Sanjay suggests taking legal action against Abhira if necessary, as she is just an everyday girl. As Armaan enters and overhears this conversation, he humbly appeals to their compassion and understanding, acknowledging his mistakes and asking them not to turn out Abhira despite everything that has happened.


As Abhira and Ruhi dance, Abhira’s saree falls off. Armaan fixes it. Dadi scolds her.

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