Shiv Shakti (Zee) 6th October 2023 Written Update

Shiv Shakti

Shiv Shakti 6th October 2023 Written Episode Update on

He panics. Shiv opens the box and screams. He panics and shouts. He panics. Mandira says, “I was dying to hear this sound.” He saw the water open a few moments earlier. He asked who had kept the tap open and where Shakti was. He saw a box. Mandira pushed Shiv into the room. Shiv went to the box. He opened it. Shiv fainted and fell. He was injured. Shakti said she would be there soon. Her head got hit by a plate. Manorama asked if she was okay, and she applied medicine to her forehead.

Where is Shiv? I feel like something wrong is about to happen. Shiv gets up. Manorama puts a band-aid on Shakti’s wound. Mandira asks why Shiv’s tandav hasn’t started yet. He needs to show everyone his reality. When Mandira approaches the store, Ranjan asks her not to enter. He claims Shakti’s eyes are on her. It would help if you kept him in. Shiv’s reality will be revealed in a few minutes. Ranjan says today will mark the end for Shiv.

Shiv goes to turn off the tap. A current is present in the water. Shiv tries to turn off the tap. He sees the box moving. Shiv wonders why it’s moving. Mandira wonders why it’s taking so long. Has Shiv died? Shakti wonders why Mahira looks towards the store. Shiv opens the box. Screaming and panicking, he opens the box. Shakti says someone is shouting. There is a snake in the box. Mandira says I wanted to hear this sound. Shiv screams and panics.

He asks his men to play the drum so no one can hear Shiv’s panic. Shiv screams for help and moves back. Ranjana says the show will end today. Mandira asks Ranjan are you crazy? I wanted everyone to hear Shiv’s screams. He says I did some planning as well. No one can listen to his screams. Mandira asks how I will end Shiv Shakti’s story in this way. He says Shakti’s story will also end if Shiv dies, and my story with Shakti will begin.

Shakti searches for Shiv, while Mandira reminds Ranjan of his worth. She clarifies that she only wants to defeat Shiv, not kill him. However, he reveals his plan to eliminate Shiv. In response, Mandira raises her hand to strike him, and he stops her by grabbing it. Ranjan warns her not to mess with him and threatens to expose her involvement in sending Shiv into the room alone. He insists that only Shiv’s lifeless body will leave that room and suggests it would be beneficial for both of them. As Shiv screams and panics, Shakti anxiously looks around. Ranjan then asks about the contents of a box, which Mandira reveals is linked to his dark past and will trap him there forever.

As Ranjan chuckles, he mentions lizards. Is he perhaps afraid of them like a child? Gautami explains it as herpetophobia – a fear of reptiles. A phobia that paralyzes the whole body. Shiv’s imagination turns lizards into crocodiles, causing him to scream and panic. In his distress, he cries out for his mother to save him. As the lizards approach, Shiv sees them as ferocious crocodiles. Mandira notes that these creatures trigger Shiv’s painful memories. Recalling everything from his past, Shiv cries out repeatedly for help as Shakti searches for him. Despite Mandira’s reassurance, it seems the medicine has trapped Shiv in this state of fear, and he remains stuck in its grasp.

Mandira insists that she had no intention of killing him but was left with no other choice. In her heart, she vows to teach Shiv a lesson for opposing her. Suddenly, a lizard appears near Shiv, and he panics, crying out for help. Shakti frantically searches for Shiv, wondering where she left her phone. She asks Chachi if she has seen him, but Chachi invites her to dance instead. Meanwhile, Ranjan questions Mandira about Shiv’s fear of lizards. She reveals that it stems from a traumatic experience involving crocodiles. Shiv continues calling for Shakti’s help as she desperately searches for him.

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