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Agnisakshi 30th March 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode begins with Pradeep expressing a desire to talk to Jeevika. Although willing to share most things with him, Jeevika playfully holds back the recipe for her brinjal dish. Asks Pradeep if she is content in their marriage, she reassures him of her happiness. Inviting him to sample the dish, Pradeep makes a witty remark. Later, upon returning to their room, Satvik happily offers his closet space for Jeevika’s clothes. In turn, she reveals that she has cooked his favorite dish as a surprise. However, upon tasting it, Aadhya discovers that Satvik actually dislikes brinjal. Just then, Jeevika and Satvik enter the kitchen together.

“Rajnandini inquires, ‘Did you make anything else?’ Jeevika replies, ‘I have prepared a separate meal for you since you are on a diet.’ She serves the food and Satvik notices brinjal on his plate. Rajnandini informs Jeevika that Satvik doesn’t like it and offers to ask the servant to make something else for him. However, Jeevika reassures her that she will personally make something for him. Satvik graciously declines and decides to try the dish. Narayan comments that he was observing Satvik and is pleased with his actions, stating that this is the mark of a true life partner even if he breaks some rules. He adds that such relationships are special. Aadhya exclaims that brinjal is the king of vegetables while Shlok proclaims Jeevika as the kitchen queen. Juhi seems unhappy and confides in Rajnandini that she has no appetite.”

Narayan says he will talk to travel agent about Satvik and Jeevika’s honeymoon. Rajnandini tells him that it will be a surprise for them. She gives him medicines and leaves.

Aadhya arrives and expresses her relief that she overheard the plan. She believes Jeevika Vahini will be pleased with it and suggests that Swara may have some knowledge about where to go. Narayan agrees and Pradeep reappears in the kitchen, informing Jeevika that he needs to speak with her. He brings up Juhi’s suggestion of making brinjal for Satvik and wonders why she didn’t mention it before. Jeevika asks him to keep it confidential and remain by her side. She explains that Juhi’s behavior was merely due to her immaturity, not intentional malice. Pradeep insists that Juhi has been disrespectful towards her, but Jeevika defends her by saying she is not a bad person. She emphasizes that Satvik did not say anything about the matter and sees no reason to dwell on it. Pradeep questions why Satvik became emotional about it, just as Shlok enters and points out that if Bhabhi had not prepared the dish, Bhaiyya would not have eaten it.

Swara is asked about her favorite place by Adhya. They decide on Switzerland. Shlok tells Jeevika that Bhaiyya used to ask Mummy to make brinjal dish every two days, and that she made it on her last day as well, so he didn’t have it on his last day. She feels bad that she hurt Satvik. She says I will talk to him. Pradeep says I’ll leave now. Shlok says you have the same rights on the house as you do on Vahini. Jeevika asks if I can keep Jhanvi with me for a few days. Pradeep says ok.

Jeevika approaches Satvik to inform him of Pradeep’s departure. She apologizes for the events that occurred earlier in the day. Satvik inquires what she did, to which Jeevika explains it was regarding the food. Reassuring him that she does not believe he would make a fuss about something as trivial as vegetables, Jeevika acknowledges her wrongdoings and apologizes for bringing up his late mother. Grateful for the memory of his mother being brought up, Satvik expresses his appreciation. Pradeep overhears and realizes he had been unnecessarily suspicious, seeing how well Jeevika and Satvik understand each other. Satvik adds that everything went smoothly and then turns to Pradeep to ask him to join them. Upon learning of Pradeep’s departure, Satvik offers to see him off. As Pradeep leaves with Satvik, Jeevika takes a moment to address her late mother-in-law, mentioning how much Satvik misses her.

During the count, Jhanvi asks Satvik, Jeevika, Shlok and Aadhya to hide. Shlok and Aadhya hide together, while Jeevika hides with Satvik. Juhi says cheap people’s cheap games. Agnisakshi song plays…as Satvik and Jeevika glance at each other.

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