Kavya – Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 26th October 2023 Written Update


Kavya 26th October 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Written Episode of Kavya 26th October 2023 on WorldofEntertainment.in

During the episode, Kavya and Adhiraj are running. Jaideep worries about them. The manager says the villagers are angry, should I call the police? Jaideep says no, the media will get involved. Omi orders his men to stop the villagers. If anything happens to Adi, I will not leave them. Kavya is injured.

Adhiraj jokes seeing a little scratch. They argue. She asks for his phone. He says it fell down during the fight. She says my phone is dead, you’re useless. He says I saved you from them, I got hit on my neck and it hurts, I was protecting you. The villagers are approaching and he holds her close. A lady takes them inside. He asks what’s going on. She says, “I’m helping you because we’re lovers,” but Kavya refuses.

We love each other so much that we thought about eloping and marrying. Kavya says, don’t say nonsense, I am glad there are good people, I am Navya’s younger sister. The lady sits in shock. She cries and says that you are Navya’s sister. She says yes, I don’t want you to feel stressed during pregnancy, so I will leave.

Adhiraj says you think you should always tell the truth, you got us caught here. The lady gets the gun. They get shocked. Anjali says I can’t get in touch with Kavya. Rajeev tells her not to worry. Malini calls. Anjali requests Kavya. Kavya and Adhiraj calm the lady down. The lady says the gun belongs to her.

Adhiraj jokes. Kavya asks why you have this here. The lady says it is for your protection. She calls her husband. He says Kavya is in the village, Navya’s sister. She asks him to come home. He says I won’t leave her. Giriraj talks to Omi and says I didn’t send you to ruin things. He scolds Omi.

They are asked to have food by the lady. She says she is waiting for her husband. Kavya eats the food. She falls down. Adhiraj looks at her. He gets water. She gets up and laughs. He gets the haldi lep for her and asks her not to shout. He says it’s fine, you’ll learn, but maybe I won’t be there to help you. Kavya says I made a mistake, I thought I would tell them the truth and everything would get fine.

She feeds him the food. He says we didn’t come out of the plan. He says I didn’t know Navya was your sister, so I apologize. Anjali asks Shubh to find out about Kavya. Shubh says she shouldn’t worry. He calls Jaideep to find out about Kavya. The man says the villagers have pursued them. Shubh asks what’s going on, please let me know.

Aideep says he’ll talk to you later. Kavya says she can take care of my family. Adhiraj asks if you still feel hurt. She answers she does, but pain goes away with time. He tells the truth to her. She smiles. She said I shared everything with him, the marriage broke. He says it’s wrong, habits don’t go away easily. To end a habit, he asks her to start a new one.

The precap:

The lady’s husband is the hospital’s watchman, so we have to leave fast, Kavya says. Adhiraj asks why.

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