Meet 10th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Sarkar tells everyone today we will celebrate Meet’s defeat and Manmeet’s marriage to Shagun. Everyone applauds. A few men enter Sarkar’s palace with dolis in their hands. Jasodha asks who’s doli this is. Meet asks them why are you coming inside. Manmeet keeps the doli on the ground. Everyone tries to see who is sitting inside. Meet shows her face. Everyone is shocked after seeing her. Meet says won’t you all welcome me. I am the new daughter in law.

Meet steps out of her doli and dances in front of everyone to mock them. Meet believes you gained my trust and then cheated me, and I’ll do the same to you. Manmeet holds Meet’s hand and tells her stop her nonsense.

Despite his anger, Meet asks him to let go of her hand. Manmeet tells everyone she is trying to trick them. Meet says to him, “We got married, didn’t you forget?”. Having understood why you won’t let go of my hand, Meet drags him towards Jasodha and asks her to put her hand on their heads so she can give blessings.

Meet tries to lift Jasodha’s hand. Manmeet says to Meet leave her hand and tell me what games are you playing. Raj shouts this is not a game. A man and a woman stand at the door with gifts. Raj and Babita greet them. Raj says it is not a game, it is a ritual, you didn’t call us, so we decided to invite ourselves. Gunwanti thinks Jasodha is planning something.

Manmeet walks up to Raj and says you’re married now and she’s yours forever, so Meet will live with her husband. Jasodha says WHAT! Meet says yes, you heard right, you all wanted me to come here, so enjoy sweets because your dream has come true. I came to my husband’s house.

Sarkar’s palace won’t be your in-laws’ house and Manmeet won’t be your husband, Jasodha says, and don’t forget you’re only a bride for a day. What do you look like, what is a one day bride, I won’t be leaving my husband’s house, I’ll be here to support my husband. Jasodha says my son married you not out of love, but to fulfill my oath.

Meet falls on her feet, irritating Jashoda who asks her to leave her legs. Meet gets excited, and says she has forgiven me and hugs her tightly. Manmeet asks her to leave. Gunwanti asks Meet what happened to him. Meet says he was mad, and even Raj and Babita told me Ahlawat mansion is not my home anymore so from now on this is my home.

Seeing Sarkar, Meet says it is a privilege to be his daughter-in-law and calls him father-in-law. She touches his feet and asks for his blessings. Manmeet shouts at Meet and says you need to back off. He mocks him and says we are made for each other, so let’s have Kesar Lassi together.

Manmeet twists her wrist and Meet encourages her to demonstrate her talents in the wrestling ring, where she will surely be appreciated. He then turns to Jasodha, perplexed by everyone’s anger towards him. He reminds them that they wanted him to take part in this marriage, and cannot run away. Expressing his sentiment that Jasodha is the true leader of the house, he implores her to accept him so everybody else will too.

Babita says she won’t accept you until you do the Khichadi ritual, once you give her sweet khichdi she will accept you, and I mean it. She gets the khichdi for her and says, “Just make sure you do not spill it.” Jasodha says to Babita, “You know we did the same ritual, now we are more than just in-laws, you two will soon be mother and daughter.”

During the ritual, Babita gives Jasodha a bowl. Meet says to Jasodha have some. Jasodha runs away and tells Manmeet to help her. Babita stops Manmeet and says let them do it. Jasodha runs away from Meet. Raj and Babita cheer for her and say what a catch. Everyone was in shock after seeing her. Manmeet comes in between and says she won’t eat. Meet says she will and asks him to step back.

Jasodha stumbles and falls down, closing her mouth with her hand. Meet says I brought this Khichdi for my mother-in-law, so I can’t let it fall. Imarti says to Gunwanti I’m sure she’ll feed khichdi to Maaji. Gunwanti says our Maaji is strong, so she won’t eat it. My mother-in-law wants me to sit on her lap and feed her, Meet says. Jashoda won’t let Meet feed. Meet stamps her feet deliberately, and Jasodha opens her mouth in pain, so Meet feeds her khichdi and helps her swallow. Meet gets excited and says she doesn’t believe she accepted me.

Raj says our daughter got married to your house, so we have to follow the rituals, or we’ll be looked at as if we did nothing. The factory documents will be taken by me after I act as a good daughter in law from today onward.


Meet says there is no turning back for Babita. She says she has faith in her.

Sarkar tells Manmeet, if you want to live here, you’ll have to follow some strict rules. Shagun wants Manmeet to help her get ready and bring her to Mandap. Meet thinks I’m here to test you.

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