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He proposes that Raj might assist in releasing Shlok from the contract, but Poonam hesitates and exits the conversation. Dad advises Poonam to trust Shlok and accept Raj’s help. Sumeet respectfully urges Poonam to consider taking the money as a loan, promising to repay it when Shlok achieves success as a singer. Eventually, Poonam agrees to Raj’s offer, planning to use the money to support Shlok’s dream.

Shlok, Sumeet and Raj participate in a religious Puja ceremony, with Raj also bringing fruits. Pankhuri greets his arrival with a smile. However, their happiness is short-lived when Shagun shows up and makes mocking comments. Poonam tries to persuade Shagun to accept the 10 crore rupees and leave. Despite Raj’s attempt to offer her a cheque, Shagun tears it apart and reveals that Shlok has violated the contract terms. She then issues a threat of imprisonment for his public singing which goes against their agreement. Sumeet questions Shagun’s actions and wonders why she is targeting Shlok instead of herself.

Shagun justifies her position by elaborating on the legal terms of the contract and the potential repercussions of breaching it. Despite Poonam’s heartfelt appeal for Shlok’s release, Shagun remains steadfast. Rajiv, feeling accountable, proposes to take Shlok’s place in jail, but Shagun remains unmoved by their emotional pleas. Overwhelmed by stress, Poonam faints.

At the hospital, Abhay receives news that he is infertile and Vani has been keeping it from him. In the same moment, Poonam murmurs that Shlok must not be imprisoned. Rajiv blames himself and tries to end his life, but Shlok stops him in time and offers reassurance. Despite reservations from Sumeet and Raj, Rajiv suggests leaving town to escape Shagun’s influence. He implores everyone to gather their things without delay.

Sumeet is faced with a difficult decision regarding Shagun’s manipulations. The physician who gave Abhay misinformation updates Shagun on the success of her plan. Sumeet approaches her and proposes that exposing the truth about Raunak may be their only chance to rescue Shlok. However, Shagun presents Sumeet with a challenge – a game that could either release Shlok from his contract or force Sumeet to work for Raunak and let Shlok face imprisonment. Despite hesitation, Shagun discloses that she has taken Akki, Rajiv’s son, as collateral.

The family prepares to leave under the cover of night when Shlok intervenes and insists that no one will leave because of him. Poonam explains their lack of options, and Sumeet returns to the house after talking to Shagun. She shares that she has discovered a way to save Shlok: they have to win a game. However, Shagun enters and warns them that losing would mean becoming her slaves forever.


Under the cover of night, the family prepares to leave. Shlok asserts that no one will leave because of him. Poonam explains their lack of options, and Sumeet returns to the house after talking to Shagun. She shares that she has found a way to save Shlok. When Shagun enters, he warns them they will become her slaves forever if they lose the game.

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