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Upon entering the ring, everyone cheers for Manmeet. A man asks what will happen if girls wear clothes like this, and a woman says how she enters the arena wearing boy’s clothes. Whenever my brother beats Meet, Mahendra says everyone can paint Meet’s poster black and make her wear shoes as garland and say girls and boys are not equal.

Chanda says Meet must have sprinkled itching powder on Manmeet’s clothes, and some Meet will win. Meghna says she’ll cheer only Meet. Sundari says we stand with Meet, but we can only pray for her success. It’s a big cheer for Manmeet. Jasodha calls inspector Bhati and tells him to arrange an ambulance and a bed in the hospital so when she is away from my son she can be taken to the hospital with less effort.

Manmeet taunts Meet and asks her to run away. Meet responds that when it comes to self-respect, a normal girl turns into the goddess Durga. Guruji says the first round will begin after I blow the whistle. As Manmeet and Meet get ready, Guruji blows the whistle, and everyone cheers for Manmeet. Meet rushes toward Manmeet. Manmeet asks her to stop and starts itching himself. Chanda says he stopped the match before starting.

It is considered a crime to fight with a weak person, so my fighting a girl is the same as fighting with a weak person. I have explained to her many times, but she still wants to fight. I have a few conditions before I fight her. If you all agree, I am willing to fight. Guruji says I should talk to you here.

Manmeet walks to Guruji and he explains something to him. Meet walks to Chanda and says he doesn’t know what he is going to do. Chanda asks if you sprinkled itching powder on Manmeet’s clothes. Meet says no. Chanda asks then how will you fight him. Meet says I don’t know how, but I won’t cheat with him.

When it comes to strength, Chanda says you can’t fight him, he’s a wrestler. She remembers how Jasodha asked her to prove girls are better than boys without any trick and she says that whatever happens at home today, I have decided to fight him. During my meeting with Manmeet, Meet said I would prove that I wasn’t strong enough to fight him. That’s why I changed his clothes in order to show him that women are stronger.

It’s okay to do, Guruji says to Manmeet. The announcer asks both competitors to come forward. Guruji tells Manmeet to say whatever he likes. As Manmeet mentioned earlier, you all have probably watched wrestling matches and are familiar with the rules, but the rules for this match will be different, so listen carefully.

I have to fight Meet today, so she will have some leverage in the rules, so I will not use my strength or skills for the first 10 minutes. If she fails to make me fall, then I’ll wrestle with Meet in my own style for the next 2 minutes and if she’s still standing, then she’ll win and I won’t raise my hand.

Manmeet is cheered on by everyone. Mahendra tells her that she will lose today and be humiliated.

Chanda says it’s strange that Manmeet is full of values, Meet says no to tricking him and he made new rules for Meet. Manmeet and Meet are standing next to each other. Chanda and her friend cheer for Meet. Guruji rings the bell. Meet rushes over to Manmeet to pick him up in her hands. Meghna cheers for him. Meet falls on the ground and fails to pick up Manmeet, so everyone laughs. Mahendra says this is the difference between a man and a woman.

In her attempt to lift Manmeet’s leg, Meet gets laughed at. She tried to lift him by his hands, but she couldn’t and fell to the ground. She tries again. Everyone laughs at her. Manmeet sees the timer and pulls Meet and throws her down. Manmeet counts down, but Meet stands up again and attacks him, but Manmeet dodges her and wins. Everyone applauds him.

In the end, Manmeet tells Meet to get up and taste defeat. Guruji asks them to take a 5-minute break. We all wished the time would come soon, soon you will be together. Anchor announces that the last round begins now. If Meet withstands the attack, Manmeet will not attack her back.

Meet and Manmeet wrestle again, Manmeet attacks her, lifts her and throws her around, everyone cheers for Manmeet and applies black to Meet’s photo. Meet’s supporters cheer for her and pray for her.

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