Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 25th September 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 25th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Kunal approaching Vandana to discuss a matter. He mentions that he needs the report by 9am the next morning and is happy to come to the office whenever necessary. Vandana assures him that she will have it ready, but requests for some time off. Curious, Kunal asks if there is a special occasion, perhaps his birthday. Surprised, she questions if it actually is his birthday. He jokes that it’s not and apologizes for the misunderstanding. Vandana explains that she needs some time off for Ganpati Puja and adds that she is willing to take a pay cut. Kunal leaves after considering her request while Mrunal flirts with Vaibhav during their video call conversation.

Vandana works until she dozes off at her desk. Kunal enters and notices her sleeping. She mumbles in her sleep, causing him to place a file on the desk. The sudden noise startles her awake, and she apologizes for falling asleep. He asks if she needed a break, but she insists that she was just about finished with her work and thanks him for waking her up. He then tells her to finish up and lock the studio before heading home. Vandana returns home and contemplates visiting Aaji, but upon entering her room, Mrunal abruptly ends a phone call and turns around. Aaji slaps Mrunal, causing Vandana to ask what happened.

Aaji reprimands Mrunal for going too far, reminding her that Vaibhav and Vandana are getting married and she shouldn’t add to Vandana’s troubles. Curious, Vandana asks what happened between Mrunal and Aaji. In response, Aaji questions Mrunal’s actions and scolds her for shopping online. Calm down, she says, go to sleep and don’t argue. As Aaji leaves, Mrunal asserts that Vaibhav actually loves her and not Vandana, and she loves him just as much. After Aaji slaps her once again, she reminds Mrunal to consider Vandana’s feelings since she has done a lot for her, while Mrunal is betraying her behind her back.

You won’t do this, problem me, Aaji says, Vandana’ll die. Mrunal says no. Aaji cries for Vandana. Vandana wakes up thinking of Kunal. As he wakes up, Kunal realizes what’s going on, her sister and fiancé are cheating on her, and why my sleep is ruined. He goes to sleep. A morning comes and Kunal and Bobby arrive at the office. Vandana greets. Bobby says impressive work, but Vandana says sorry, I kept flowers here and cleaned the table.

Kunal mentions that my mood will be good and I won’t shout at you for your nonsense. When she agrees, he asks for the file, which she promptly gives to him. He then remarks that he wrote important notes and follows up by requesting coffee. She quickly gets it for him and points out that it’s his favored sugar-free cookie. Bobby watches everything silently. She reveals that she watched Kunal’s interview and learned about his preferences. Mrunal meets Vaibhav, who inquires what is going on. She replies that her grandmother can expose their secret at any moment, causing him to worry about getting caught. However, she asserts that she is not afraid and is serious about their relationship. She encourages him to tell Vandana the truth while she also plans to disclose it to her. She insists that she will do anything necessary to achieve her desires.

She’s threatening to ruin everyone, but don’t worry. I’ll take care of it. Please don’t give me a deadline, calm down. I love you and you can trust me. He embraces her and she reciprocates the love, suggesting they go to her friend’s empty flat. He asks if she is serious and they make their way there. Kunal tells him he’ll handle the guests, to which Vandana agrees, saying she doesn’t want to irritate him by being around. She leaves and Vijay expresses his concern that nothing should go wrong for Vandana and her upcoming marriage. Aaji anxiously mentions Vaibhav and Vijay is taken aback by the news.


Kunal scolds Vandana and fires her. She apologizes. He shouts get out. She is shocked.

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