Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 23rd November 2023 Written Episode Update: Tara’s Emotional Struggle and Vandana’s Protective Gesture

Baatein Kuch Ankahee See

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 23rd November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Vedika comforting Tara as Kunal brings pasta for her to eat. Despite their insistence, Tara refuses the food and questions Vandana’s broken promise. Vedika reassures her that it has nothing to do with her and urges her to eat something. However, Tara remains adamant about wanting to see Vandana and cries. Pammi scolds Tara for being stubborn and threatens to slap her if she doesn’t eat. Vedika tries again to convince Tara to eat, but she longs for Vandana’s presence. Growing frustrated, Kunal reminds Tara that he made the pasta specifically for her and encourages her to try it at least.

Kunal says I need food. Pammi says my ears are aching now. Tara says I want Vandana. Vandana is sad. Tara cries and runs to her room. Kunal worries. Pammi says I used to lock Bobby in the bathroom when he was a child; this girl is troubling. Tara cries and shouts out to Vandana. When she hears Tara calling out, Vandana hides. She recalls Kunal’s words. She makes a smiley on the torch. The ladies talk about Kunal, which makes Sonia angry. Inder looks at Sonia.

After throwing the drink at the lady, Sonia scolds her and asks the guests to leave. Have you lost it? Come to your senses; they were talking about Kunal; why is that bothering you? Why do you care? Did Kunal and Vandana get married or not? I’ll ask you one last question: do you love Kunal? Inder says you have worn his gifted saree to show him you haven’t forgotten him, but I need to know that you still love Kunal. Sonia says leave me. She leaves. He shouts. He becomes angry.

The smiley makes Tara smile. Vandana sings Tujhse naraaz zindagi… Tara smiles and goes to sleep. Someone places live wires in Vijay’s path in the morning, and Vandana runs to help him. He says it wasn’t there, how did this suddenly occur. She runs outside and checks. He asks if someone was there. She says yes, who can it be, why is someone doing this, go inside, I will just come back.

In the studio, Vandana makes Rangoli. She asks Pammi if Tara ate breakfast. Pammi says Kunal asked not to interfere. Vedika says she didn’t eat. Vandana says Tara must take medicine. Kunal says to mail the details to me, and we will get started immediately. A girl named Simmi comes. Pammi praises and introduces her as Nikki’s daughter Simmi, her childhood friend.

Everyone greets Simmi. Bobby says so cute. Pammi says you have to win Kunal’s heart. Simmi says see my magic. Kunal greets Simmi, saying nice to meet you; the divorce is coming soon, right? Pammi says we’ll do puja first. Simmi asks who she is. Kunal says no one. Kunal leaves. She says she is Vandana, Kunal’s PA. She says I’m getting Simmi married to Kunal. She thinks about Tara when she sees that Rangoli is spoiled.


In Pammi’s words, do anything but woo Kunal. In Simmi’s words, Kunal doesn’t know what to expect from me. Kunal tears up Tara’s letter. Vandana hugs Tara.

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