Agnisakshi 8th August 2023 Written Episode: Jeevika’s Confession Amidst Crisis


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The Episode begins with Jeevika, Shlok, and Manas rushing Satvik to the hospital. The doctor immediately takes him to the operating room. Swara contacts Pradeep to let him know that Jiju was stabbed and is currently at the hospital. Lata breaks down in tears upon hearing the news about Satvik. Narayan remains in a state of shock. Rajnandini reassures everyone that Satvik will be okay. Aadhya shares that Shlok mentioned Satvik had lost a lot of blood and wonders why someone would hurt him like this. Lata expresses anger towards the attacker, while Rajnandini suggests they all go to the hospital. Shlok blames himself for what happened, but Manas reminds him it’s not his fault. Together, they all arrive at the hospital, where Rajnandini asks Jeevika if she saw who attacked Satvik. Jeevika replies with a no.

Rajnandini urges Jeevika not to go to those places and not to take Satvik with her. Jeevika clarified that she did not bring him along. Rajnandini reassures her not to blame herself, but Jeevika already blames herself for the situation. Lata questions why she took Satvik there and made him a “ghar jamai” (son-in-law living with in-laws). Overwhelmed with guilt, Jeevika breaks down.

Meanwhile, Satvik is undergoing surgery and the nurse informs them that he may slip into a coma due to excessive blood loss. But Jeevika remains hopeful and prays to Bappa for his recovery, pleading that their whole family will be shattered if anything happens to him. Maayi arrives at the hospital and comforts Jeevika by placing her hand on her head. Responding to Maayi’s presence, Jeevika calls out to her in pain. At the same time, Maayi empathetically acknowledges that she can see how much Jeevika loves her husband, Krishna when he is in such pain.

Jeevika turns to Maayi for guidance, asking how they can save him. Maayi inquires if Jeevika is willing to follow her instructions. Without hesitation, Jeevika declares that she would do anything, even give up her own life. Maayi then advises her to confess her true feelings for Satvik, emphasizing that only genuine love can bring him back from the brink. After Maayi leaves, Jeevika promises Bappa that she will not hide her love from Satvik and will do whatever it takes to protect him. Just then, the doctor emerges with the news that the operation was successful, but the next 24 hours are crucial. Jeevika inquires if they can see Satvik now, to which the doctor responds that they must wait until he is moved to a ward.

Rajnandini tells Narayan to go home and rest, but he refuses. Lata tells Sukanya to go. Sukanya says even we can’t go. The nurse talks to someone and says she will do the work after he is transferred to the ward. Lata brings tea for Sukanya. Sukanya asks why they go through hardship. Lata tells her not to lose hope and says we will become grandparents. Sukanya cries. Lata asks her to drink tea.

The nurse attends to Satvik in his ward before receiving a call. She declines the request but then pleads and agrees to comply. Raising an injection, Shlok wonders who could be behind this. Swara believes it is not a coincidence, considering the previous attack at the temple and theft at home. Manas adds on, questioning who could be the mastermind. Rajnandini reveals that it may be her fault, but she is unsure of the reason for these incidents. She suggests increasing security measures and obtaining some clues.

Shlok reveals that our clue returns to the day the goon mentioned Madam Ji. Rajnandini expresses shock at the possibility of a woman being so ruthless and urges caution and vigilance. Shlok suggests that their father speaks to the police commissioner to launch an investigation into the matter. As Jeevika arrives, she witnesses the nurse attempting to inject Satvik with a poison-filled syringe. Reacting quickly, she stops the nurse and gives her a well-deserved slap before she can harm Satvik. In a panic, the nurse pushes Jeevika onto Satvik and flees. Pallavi comes to Jeevika’s aid, causing her to stumble and grasp her arm firmly. Jeevika informs Narayan that Nurse tried to murder Satvik, but Nurse denies any wrongdoing. Juhi takes Rajnandini aside for a private conversation, asking if Nurse mentioned her name. Rajnandini denies having hired Nurse for such a heinous act. They are left wondering who might be behind this evil scheme.

When Jeevika asks the Nurse why she wants to kill Satvik, the nurse replies that someone threatened her son and that she knows all of his schedules. She says I was helpless, otherwise why would I kill him. Jeevika says they will call the police to investigate and help her. Guards take her to the inspector’s office. Narayan and Pradeep talk to the inspector there.


When Jeevika confesses her love to Satvik, she says she will close her eyes if he does not become conscious.

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