Anupama 30th November 2023 Written Episode: Emotional Reunions and Family Dynamics Unfold

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Dimpy reassures Vanraj that he has no reason to doubt her, explaining that she ran into Titu and his friends while with him. However, Vanraj expresses concern about Titu’s character and family background, urging Dimpy not to trust him or act foolishly. As a precaution, he requests that she attend class and return home directly. Feeling upset, Dimpy leaves the room. Kavya inquires about the situation, to which Vanraj apologizes for getting distracted and forgetting their meet-up. She embraces him and confesses her longing for him. He then asks about Baa and Babu ji, wondering if they have gone to bed by now.

Kavya looks on, asking what happened. In the morning, Malti Devi asks why the electricity bill is so high. Although there are so many people at home, Barkha says that the railway station bill will remain the same and that Babu Ji is habitually forgetful, so perhaps he keeps the AC on and doesn’t turn it off. Baa explains that he forgets, so maybe it was on. She says she is sorry. Anupama says it’s okay. Malti Devi says one forgets when others pay.

Anuj arrives and instructs them to inquire if he is facing difficulties settling the bill. He questions why they are suddenly concerned about the bill. Malti Devi clarifies that she did not intend to offend Leela Behen and apologizes if her words caused any offense. She reassures Leela that she can stay for as long as she pleases since this is her home, and she adds that Anuj will take care of all expenses. Vanraj enters and declares that there is no need for her to stay. Baa and Babu ji are overjoyed to see him, and Baa exclaims that he has returned.

Vanraj playfully quips that he’s en route, chuckling as he approaches them. He warmly embraces Anuj and Anupama, expressing his gratitude for taking such good care of Baa and Babu ji. He’s here to take them back with him. Anupama wonders if they can stay a little longer, to which Anuj mentions that even Baa hasn’t fully recovered yet. Vanraj acknowledges that some people may see them as a burden or unwanted house guests, but to him, they are blessings and good luck. He assures them that he’s only taking his good luck with him. Anuj agrees, and Vanraj offers to cover the expenses for electricity and food, requesting Baa and Babu Ji pack their belongings.

Babui ji updates Anuj about their departure since Anuj’s son has arrived, preventing them from declining. Anuj expresses his understanding and offers his assistance. Anupama follows behind Baa and Babu Ji. Anuj later sees Vanraj and shares that he is relieved he is doing well. He advises Vanraj not to dwell on past events. Vanraj admits to feeling guilty for abandoning his parents when they needed him after his son left him. Anuj reveals that when Maya took Choti with her, he held onto hope that she would return one day despite their brief relationship. However, even that was not enough to ease the pain.

Samar stayed with you for 22 years, and if you cannot comprehend other people’s pain, don’t be guilty. He says don’t think we couldn’t take care of Baa and Babu ji and says if there is anything left, please apologize to them. As Vanraj says, you both may have made them happy. Baa and Babu ji leave from there. Anuj tells Anupama that they had to leave on the day. Anupama says she is relieved that they went with their son.

In their room, Barkha and Malti Devi say, “I’m glad this dharmshala is empty now. Anuj is angry with us.”. Malti Devi thinks we’ll shed a few tears like Leela and handle him. Barkha says Anupama is difficult to handle, while Malti says Pakhi is untrustworthy.

Dimpy reassures Kavya that she is not upset about the situation and expects to receive reprimands. She explains that Baa will most likely scold her upon arrival. Kavya shares that her baby is moving, jokingly adding that if Dimpy continues to dwell on the matter, she might get a kick, too. Baa and Babu ji arrive home with Vanraj. Upon seeing them, Dimpy attempts to touch Babu ji’s feet, but he stops her and takes a seat. He expresses his happiness at returning to their house while Vanraj apologizes for causing any inconvenience. Baa adds that she is just glad they made it home safely.

Vanraj confirms that he is doing well. Babu ji adds that their acquaintances were quite fond of them. Vanraj interjects to mention Barkha and Malti Devi. Leela chimes in, stating that if Malti Devi is present, then she is Leela and would make four jabs at her for every jab she receives. She compares herself to a rifle, while Malti Devi resembles a gun. Dimpy enters with drinks and offers them to everyone. Baa brings up Pakhi’s account of what happened, and Babu ji urges her not to say anything more. Vanraj reveals that he has spoken with Dimpy about the situation. Kavya joins them from behind as Dimpy works in the kitchen and asks if she thinks Dimpy is in the wrong. Kavya reassures her otherwise, but Dimpy wonders why women continue to face such difficulties. Kavya comforts her with a hug.

Choti asks Anupama why she didn’t let her know that Nanu and Nani didn’t meet her. Malti Devi says they can’t stay here since this is the daughter’s home. When you grow up and get married, your parents can’t come along with you, so she tells her that she won’t marry, she won’t leave her parents, she’s staying with them forever. She hugs Anupama and says she can do whatever she wants. Choti goes to talk to Baa and Babu Ji.

Malti Devi mentions to Anupama that she may miss her in-laws, reminding her they are not her parents. Anupama responds by asserting that relationships are essential regardless. Malti Devi then suggests keeping the in-laws out of the house, stating it’s not their place. However, Anupama believes differently, as this is their daughter’s home, and they have the right to visit and stay. She reminds Malti Devi that they are her parents and have equal house ownership. Malti Devi raises concerns about being a guest in the house, drawing a parallel with Leela’s previous stay, which is causing issues. It seems clear I also cause discomfort with my presence here.”

Anupama informs Malti Devi of her concerns about her political beliefs. In response, Malti Devi asked who would be responsible for her potential dismissal. Anupama advises her to focus on managing the family while the rest takes care of her. Returning to her room, she contemplates how any harm inflicted upon the household or its members affects the creator, not those who caused it. She acknowledges that both Anuj and herself have built this home, but so have Barkha and Malti Devi in their ways. She prays for a simple life for all. Just then, Choti interrupts with a call. Anupama remembers that she has plans to meet Dimpy and Titu later in the day. She encourages herself to follow through with this commitment and reminds herself that she can do so.


Anuj informs Anupama that he will escort Choti to school and asks her to help him take Dimpy to the clinic. Pakhi mentions that although Dimpy’s baby has yet to arrive, it is still her primary concern. She then expresses to Choti that their mother may neglect her after the baby arrives. Anupama firmly assures them that no mother will ever forget her children and swears upon Kanha ji. She threatens Pakhi that she will be permanently disowned if she continues with this behavior. Concerned for her sister, Choti inquires if Pakhi’s words are valid. This invokes anger in Anuj and Anupama.

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