Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th November 2023 Written Episode: Abhira’s Dilemma and Tensions Unfold

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The episode kicks off with Vidya and Armaan exchanging untruths. Armaan tosses out, “I’m here for something important.” Vidya retorts, “You can’t even deceive your mother, so how can I deceive you?” Curious, Armaan asks what she means. Vidya explains that she also has a task to complete and will reveal more once it’s finished. Agreeing, Armaan confesses the same.

Meanwhile, Akshara sees the Goenkas leaving and breaks down in tears. Manish gazes out of the car window as they depart. Amidst her tears, Akshara finds a note from Manish and cries some more. On the other hand, Abhira handles new bookings at work and comes across a bridal dress which she inspects closely. Her colleagues Kiara and Charu admire the lehenga and jokingly question if Abhira is getting married. Irritated with their remarks, Abhira throws the dress in anger and storms off, leaving them behind.

Armaan catches sight of the heart-shaped balloons and discovers a note attached. It reads, “Sorry, I had to leave without meeting you. If you want to know more than just my name, you’ll have to break the heart.” He quickly pops the balloons and reveals Ruhi’s phone number. With determination, he declares that he will commit it to memory. Kiara and Charu join him and playfully tease him, while Aryan and Krish also come over to poke fun at him. Not one to be outdone, Armaan playfully pulls their ears before making his exit. As Abhira makes her way down the street, she is delighted to see some dancers performing on “Badri ki Dulhania.” She is struck by how it mirrors her current situation in real life. Her attention then turns to a newly unveiled sign that reads “Yuvraj weds Abhira,” causing her to be taken aback in shock. She tears down the sign in a moment of rage, only to find Yuvraj smiling at her from behind it.

He says I also thought there was some problem in the card, and it’s good you rejected it, I’ll make it as you like. You decide everything. The men roll the red carpet for her. He asks the men to shower more flowers. He asks the man to sing a song—the group dances. Abhira is made to wear a red chunri by the girls. Yuvraj catches the chunri and smells it. He says I gave you many gifts, but this is my favorite one, so please give it to me as a return gift. He asks for a kiss.

Abhira’s slap shocks him. He immediately grabs her and eagerly exclaims, “Slap me more! Your fire and temper are what I admire. Finally, I’ve found a girl who is just like me.” Shocked, she asks if he’s crazy. He replies with a smile, “Love is madness. But don’t worry, even after marriage, and I promise to love your fiery spirit. I want a strong and brave woman like you, not someone who acts like a delicate flower. And all the girls should have the courage to slap a politician’s son like you did publicly.” Smiling, he starts clapping, followed by everyone else. However, Abhira interrupts with a firm voice and says that his intentions of marrying her are nothing but harassment. She accuses him of being a goon instead of a romantic lover and threatens to send him to jail. Still grinning, he makes a joke while she scolds him fiercely. His smile only grows wider as he watches her stand up for herself with confidence and strength.

Abhira visits the resort. Akshara asks if she’s okay. Abhira asks if she knows it. Akshara nods. Abhira says I’m not OK. She cried and hugged her. Akshara says don’t worry. Abhira thinks I’ll say farewell to Dadi. Akshara says come. They greet the Poddars. She apologizes to Dadi and gives Dadi a chocolate hamper. She says we should come back, but Abhira thinks she won’t. Armaan says we will because I have learned so much from you.

He says, “I’m proud of you. You’re a good student.” She blesses him. Abhira greets Vidya and Armaan. She says you might be thinking something terrible happened here. He remembers Ruhi and says no, one thing was good. She gives him the toy tortoise and thinks you shouldn’t forget that incident. He says it was an accident. Kiara says this is a cute piece. Abhira says bye, never see you again. He thinks of Ruhi as he leaves.

It seems he thinks I am looking forward to meeting Ruhi. When he reaches Udaipur, Ruhi awaits his call. Armaan calls her. Kiara comes to talk about her career. She says we need permission from mother and father, so speak to mum. He says fine, and he will just come over. He tells Ruhi to wait for a while. She clicks a photo with Yuvraj’s dad. She becomes tense and recalls Yuvraj’s words. She prays.


Yuvraj and Akshara argue. Akshara protects Abhira. He points the gun at Akshara. Dadi taunts Armaan about his mother.

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