Suhaagan 28th October 2023 Written Episode: Krish Saves Bindiya from Danger


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The Episode begins with Bindiya’s soulful Bhajan, filling the hearts of those attending the Mata ki chowki with joy. DJ realizes he should complete his task while he is there. Bindiya exclaims, “Jai Durga mata!” as Payal accidentally causes water to spill near exposed wires. Krish notices the dangerous sparks and quickly places a wooden stick on the wire, urging everyone to step back. As Bindiya approaches the front, Krish intervenes and pulls her back to safety just in time. They both fall to the ground unharmed, leaving Payal feeling disappointed.

Sakshi reveals that Bindiya’s prayers to Ambe Maa brought Krish and her together. Phoolmati encourages her daughter, hoping she will find a husband like Bhim ji. Krish inquires about the spilled water on the floor, concerned that someone could have gotten hurt. The woman commends Krish for his caring nature. He assures her that he would have rescued anyone else in the same situation. Dadi reminds Payal not to interfere with her son-in-law and Bindiya, and Payal argues that it is Bindiya who comes between them. Dadi urges her to follow her heart and asks if she enjoys taking away everything from Bindiya. The village headman invites Baldev to Chirayya, and he agrees to go. Dadi warns Payal against joining them and instructs her to stay where she is.

Bindiya offers to apply ointment to Krish’s hand, but he refuses. Undeterred, she insists on cleaning his injury and takes hold of his hand. As Krish closes his eyes, Bindiya thinks he is acting like a child. She clarifies that she is not doing this for him specifically and would do the same for anyone else in need. Meanwhile, a romantic song begins playing in the background as Indu interrupts Baldev to ask if he will be attending Chirayya’s Ravan Dahan. Baldev confirms, and Indu reveals that they are all going somewhere else. She then turns to her children and asks for more information about their intended destination.

Sakshi shares about the world expo, and Indu notes that she is recounting as requested. Krish arrives, and Bindiya kindly offers him a chair. He declines food and opts for fruit instead. Bindiya invites Krish to join her for Ravan Dahan and appeals to him with a “please.” However, Krish’s plans have changed, and he asks about Payal’s whereabouts instead.

Meanwhile, Payal meets with a goon to obtain drugs for a particular task. She is instructed to mix two tablets into someone’s drink to complete the job. Payal declares that this time, Bindiya’s dahan will be

done, not Ravan’s.

It is Bindiya and Baldev’s mission to get Ravan Dahan in Chirayya. Dadi asks if Damad ji hasn’t come. She says Payal trapped him. Kaki says Payal is evil, and even her son is terrible. Bindiya says he believes whatever Payal tells and shows him. She says he is trapped in a conspiracy. Payal smiles and remembers telling Krish that she did not want to attend the expo and that the Chirayya people severely insulted her.

Payal smirks. Krish says we will soon get mukti from this bala. Flashback ends. Krish gets out of the car. She recalls that she had always wanted Ram Leela, but now she cannot go there due to Bindiya, and she says Bindiya has snatched everything, including her village, for her. He says I will take you to Chirayya’s Ram Leela and see who stops us.

A flashback concludes as Krish walks through Ravan Dahan Mela with Payal. Baldev tells them he hopes Krish becomes a Bindiya once the evil is gone from his life. Krish and Payal arrive there together. Payal holds Krish’s hand. Krish says everyone seems to be talking about him. Dadi tells Payal that she is shameless to come here. Krish says I’ve brought her here with me. Payal smirks and becomes Ravan.


Bindiya fires an arrow at Ravan. Payal tries to trap Krish tonight. She gets burned.

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