Agnisakshi 4th May 2023 Written Update

Agnisakshi 4th May 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with the Doctor informing Satvik that Mr. Bhosle’s condition has significantly improved, and he won’t be leaving us anytime soon. Satvik inquires about his father’s future. The Doctor reassures him that he will continue to live a healthy life. Satvik expresses his gratitude. Meanwhile, Rajnandini appears upset. As they enter Narayan’s room, she assures him that he doesn’t need to worry about business or home matters as she will take care of them. Jeevika advises Narayan to rest, but he confesses his guilt for risking her life due to his stubbornness. He urges her to return home and admits that things wouldn’t have escalated if he had known the truth earlier.

Satvik apologizes, but Narayan reminds everyone that some actions are unforgivable. He suggests Jeevika return to her home, assuring her that she is free to make her own decisions. However, Jeevika expresses her desire to stay with Satvik and the rest of the family, noting that he had been honest with her before they got married. Feeling guilty, Narayan acknowledges that he has caused harm to two lives. Satvik disagrees, pointing out that their marriage was a mutual decision despite his initial reservations. To ease Narayan’s concerns, he and Jeevika vow never to separate. Rajnandini becomes anxious as she listens in. While Satvik is hesitant to join hands with Narayan, Jeevika takes the lead and places their joined hands into Narayan’s, making their promise official.

Satvik and Jeevika exit the ward, and Satvik questions Jeevika about her dishonesty towards Baba. He states that he refuses to follow in her footsteps and will not deceive Baba. Satvik expresses concern for Baba’s potential heartbreak upon their future divorce. Jeevika maintains that she spoke the truth, but worries that she will be labeled as a liar once they go through with the divorce. Rajnandini approaches them and inquires about Satvik’s love for Jeevika. Satvik denies any feelings for her. Rajnandini reminds him of his promise to Manohar and urges him to consider the possibility of two people uniting. Satvik becomes frustrated and declares that he has had enough. He brings up his own indiscretion with Supriya and asks to be left alone without any pressure or interference from others. Rajnandini retorts with anger, stating that she would have punished anyone else who spoke to her in such a way; however, instead of resorting to violence, she threatens to throw Satvik onto the street if he continues to disrespect her name as Rajnandini.

Rajnandini talks to Pramod about work. Jeevika asks Satvik if something happened between Vahini and him. He replies he had spoken to her in a loud tone. They try to cheer Rajnandini up. Rajnandini says you are getting this forgiveness due to Jeevika. Satvik says we are one, the same time. Rajnandini thinks you both will not be able to unite even in a hundred years.

Satvik comes to Rajnandini to show some files. She tells him that she is not like Papa and trusts him blindly. She informs Satvik that Jeevika is in love with him. Satvik says she knows that I love someone else, so why would she love me? When love doesn’t happen after asking someone, Rajnandini says you’ve given her a lot of reasons to love you, and if she doesn’t fall in love with you, what happens?

In response to Jeevika’s request for medicine, Narayan asks her to sit down and tell him that she is not angry with him. Jeevika says that she is not angry with him. Narayan apologizes to her. In her eyes, you can see me as a very happy and content bahu and Satvik’s wife, so you do not need to apologize to me. Narayan blesses her. Satvik hears them.

Satvik and Jeevika will do, see, hear whatever I want, like hatred for each other, Rajnandini says. It is time to hurt each other, she says, and they will attack each other. She tells Jeevika to go to sleep. Jeevika tells her that all that she sees for her is love. Rajnandini says I’ve brought you earrings, and tells her Satvik bought them for you. She tells her to go to bed.

Jeevika sends selfie to Swara. Rajnandini tells Satvik he has done a sin by letting her love him. Satvik says he didn’t allow her to love him. Rajnandini says you brought her closer to you. Satvik asks what he should do. She asks him to distance himself from Jeevika, but saving her life would be a good deed for Jeevika.


He tells Jeevika that he is not ready to forgive her. Satvik says he is angry for many reasons. Jeevika tells him that I didn’t know you hated me so much. Satvik says how can you think I love you?

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