Kumkum Bhagya 10th January 2024: Poorvi’s Dilemma and RV’s Secret Proposal Unveiled

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Kumkum Bhagya 10th January 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The episode begins with Vishaka expressing her concern to Poorvi, mentioning that she senses something amiss and suggests they return home. She adds that it would be preferable for Poorvi to remain unmarried rather than coming back as a divorcee. Ashok then arrives and asks if Poorvi is prepared. While Prachi mentions they don’t have any yogurt at home, Vishaka interprets this as a bad omen. Suddenly, the doorbell rings, and Diya answers. RV enters and seeks their blessings by touching their feet. He attempts to do the same with Prachi, but she stops him, saying that her love and blessings will always be with him. RV then informs Poorvi that they should depart to avoid being late.

Prachi tells Poorvi just to be herself and not overthink. Poorvi nods in response. Diya encourages her to smile. RV reassures them that he will make sure Poorvi is on time. Manpreet expresses their full trust in RV. Ashok adds that they always count on him as if they have an old connection. RV confirms the shared history between them. They all get into the car and take their seats. As RV starts driving, he dials his grandfather’s number. Grandfather asks if Poorvi is with them, to which RV confirms it. With a smile, Poorvi greets Grandfather, who kindly asks her to call him Dadu instead and mentions he has something confidential to discuss with her. Curious, RV questions his grandfather about what he wants to say to Poorvi.

Dada Ji inquired if I was speaking with you, but no. He requests that he give Poorvi the phone and focus on driving. RV hands the phone to RV. Dada ji expresses his faith in traditions and believes that RV’s fate was destined for him, regardless of circumstances. He reminds her that she has the final say in deciding her partner and should choose wisely. He shares his wish for her to marry RV and join their family. Dada ji advises her to listen to her heart when deciding, as it always speaks the truth. Although RV is dear to him, he assures her he will not be upset if she rejects him. He encourages them to enjoy their relationship without informing RV about this conversation. Interested, RV asks what Dadu said, but Poorvi refuses to disclose it as it is a secret.

Upon arrival at the hotel, RV and Poorvi are greeted by a girl. Shortly after, her boyfriend appeared, and they all gathered in the same place. The manager takes notice of RV and informs him of a raise in his salary due to his positive review. RV expresses his appreciation before scanning the area once more. Meanwhile, Diya brings Khushi to a different restaurant, where she inquires about RV’s whereabouts from the staff. However, they informed her that he had not been there. Khushi confides in Diya, sharing her intuition that something is amiss with the situation. In another part of the hotel, Jasbir asks for RV but is told that he has yet to appear at this establishment.

Poorvi and RV enter the hotel. RV looks at the menu card and asks what she wants to eat. Poorvi says whatever he orders. Dadi says we will have food of our choice and wear clothes of others’ choice, but I think we’ll eat food and wear clothes of our own. He asks Poorvi to order food. Poorvi jokes that he can’t do this.


RV dances with the girl in the hotel. Poorvi tells her it was our mistake.

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