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In spite of Sarthak’s love for her, Pankhuri steals a ring from the blazer and tries it on her hand, saying that this is where I belong. Priyanka reprimands Pankhuri for her involvement with Raj. When Raj overhears this, he realizes Pankhuri is the one who sent him messages. She pleads with Pankhuri to forget Raj.

If they fail even one of the remaining three tasks, Shagun warns Shlok that she could end up in jail. Sumeet must choose between her husband and brother in the next task, “Rakhi vs. Mangalsutra.” Sumeet warns Shagun to be cautious, as she might end up in the hospital if she breaks up with her husband. Shagun hints at the danger in the next task.

The enigmatic text remains cryptic and incomprehensible. Priyanka assures Aryore that she will uncover the truth, even if it means risking the consequences. Pankhuri is resolute in her determination to leave her impoverished family and find a way out. Poonam hints that Shlok will face difficulties in the upcoming task, while Raunak will relish it. Despite everyone’s advice, Sumeet is urged by Shagun to participate and set the rules. She declares that Sumeet’s brother and husband will play this time, leaving Sumeet to choose who goes first.

Despite Sumeet’s reluctance, Shlok and Raj are confident in their ability to complete any challenge. Raunak then clarifies the task at hand: walking over two planks with burning coals in between. Despite this, Shagun pressures Sumeet into playing by showing her a video of Akki crying and pleading for Sumeet’s help. She states that if Sumeet doesn’t participate, Akki won’t be able to tie a Rakhi to anyone. This creates a dilemma as Raj and Shlok insist that Sumeet must choose who to save. However, Poonam advises against participating in the dangerous game and risking anyone’s safety.

She breaks down, unable to choose between her husband and brother. Shagun offers to help her decide, showing her a photo album highlighting her brother’s sacrifices. Raj and Shlok urge Sumeet to save her brother. After Shagun sets a two-minute deadline for Sumeet to choose, she is left with a difficult decision to make.


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