Suhaagan 28th June 2023 Written Update

Suhaagan 28th June 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Bindiya asking Baldev to consider her as his family until his own family arrives. Baldev regains consciousness. Bindiya introduces herself and expresses gratitude towards Ambe Maa, and then informs Babu ji that she will return home and come back. After reaching home, Phoolmati accuses Bindiya of being out all night. Bindiya defends herself by saying that Phoolmati did not see her return home. She goes to change her clothes, while Rose locks her in the room. In the meantime, Baldev speaks to the nurse and inquires about Bindiya’s whereabouts and name. The nurse informs him that she went home and has not returned yet. She also mentions some formalities that need to be completed before Bindiya can come back. The nurse hands over her phone to Baldev, who tries calling Indu but is unable to reach her due to Pandit ji’s interference. Baldev believes that only one person will come running to him. Meanwhile, Phoolmati questions Bindiya about taking a loan from the money lender against mortgaging certain papers, as reported by Rose. She asks why it was necessary for Bindiya to do so

Before leaving, Krish hugs Payal. She asks who will pick me up from hostel, who will take me to coffee etc. Krish says he won’t be far from her. Payal says she misses him. He says he will make sure she won’t be far from him. He hugs her and says he’ll bring my family to tea at your house.

Bindiya informs Phoolmati about Baldev, to which Rose instigates her. In response, Phoolmati threatens to cut Rose’s feather. Bindiya reminds her that the farm belongs to her and she intends to do the right thing. She then concludes that she must meet him in person. Meanwhile, Baldev calls his friend Ishwar for a ride from the hospital. Ishwar addresses him as a friend despite being his employee and mentions the girl who saved him. Struggling to recall her name, Baldev requests Ishwar to sing a prayer for him. Upon hearing the song, he remembers that the girl’s name is Bindiya and he considers her his Krish finding his Radha. Determined to meet her, he expresses his determination to do so today no matter what obstacles may come in their way.

As Payal prepares to board Chiraiya’s bus, Krish appears and inquires if she is indeed heading to the same destination. Payal admits that she had mistaken the bus for one going to Kanpur, and even mentions she had put on the wrong shoes for the occasion. Meanwhile, Ishwar and Baldev are searching for Bindiya and happen to come across a young girl with the same name. Baldev pleads with God to somehow lead him to Bindiya and upon seeing a sign for Chiraiya, he urges Ishwar to stop the car. He then turns to Master ji and asks if Bindiya resides in this area, to which Master ji confirms and points out her house as being the first one nearby. Baldev eagerly insists that they go see her.

Dadi requests Phoolmati to unlock the door, reminding her that Bindiya cannot bear to witness anyone in pain. In response, Bindiya slips out of the window. Spotting them, Baldev declares they must go find Bindiya now. Catching sight of them, Rose signals for Phoolmati’s attention. Phoolmati urges Rose to bring Dadi inside the room with her. Baldev shares with Phoolmati that Bindiya rescued him, though he never saw her. Phoolmati introduces Rose to Bindiya and discloses that she is the one who saved Baldev. Later, at the hospital, Bindiya arrives and learns that Baldev has already left. She reassures herself that he must be okay and wishes he had seen her as it would have brought her joy.


Baldev comes out upset when Bindiya says babu ji…you are here, and Payal takes Krish to a locked house and pretends that the keys are missing. She then gets worried when he gets the keys.


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