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The scene opens with Krish banging on Payal’s hostel door, urging her to let him in. Threatening to break down the door if necessary. After a moment, Payal wipes some saliva into her eyes and finally unlocks the entrance. Immediately, Krish rushes inside and embraces her. Despite initially thinking he came to her in a time of need, she later reveals that she is upset by his recent talk of marriage with another woman. Krish apologizes, claiming he never meant for it to be taken seriously. As she sheds a few tears, Payal confesses that being an orphan with no family has made her self-sufficient in dealing with life’s challenges so far and she will continue to do so in the future.

Krish asks Payal if she only loves him and then invites her to join him. She inquires about their destination, and he leads her outside. Meanwhile, Bindiya is on the bridge with an unconscious Baldev. While Krish and Payal are leaving, Bindiya tries to stop them. Curious, Payal questions Krish’s intentions for taking her to Chirayya. To which he responds by asking how she knew his plans and instructs her not to question him. In order to reassure him, Payal pretends to trust him completely. As they make their way out, Krish catches a glimpse of Bindiya and informs Payal. She expresses her concerns about his behavior, but he assures her that today he will put all doubts aside.

Phoolmati requests the marriage broker to find a suitable match for Rose. The broker mentions that Bindiya is older than Rose, and therefore should marry first. Phoolmati firmly states that she will not be finding a husband for Bindiya, but rather asks the broker to focus on finding a groom for Rose. Dadi interjects, stating that Bindiya should marry before Rose. However, Phoolmati explains that she values Bindiya’s hard work and contribution to the household, and will not be arranging her marriage as Bindiya’s priority lies in her sister’s happiness rather than her own.

Krish brings Payal to the temple and seeks Pandit ji’s help in performing their marriage. Payal expresses her desire to marry Krish in front of his family, but he explains that it may take some time for them to accept their relationship. He reassures her that he is not playing games and wants to marry her to dispel any doubts she may have. However, Payal raises concerns about his family’s disapproval. Krish declares his love for her and promises to marry her despite the potential consequences with his family. Payal expresses her concern about not being accepted by his family, but Krish assures her that he will only marry her in the presence of Ambe Mata, promising his loyalty to her. As they embrace, she prays for Bindiya ki ambe maa to guide them. Meanwhile, Bindiya rushes Baldev to the hospital and requests the doctor’s assistance, who asks for a hefty deposit of 30-40 K. This poses a financial challenge for Bindiya.

The doctor assures Bindiya that her father will recover with proper treatment. Determined to do whatever it takes, Bindiya grabs the necessary legal papers and leaves without a word. Meanwhile, Rose becomes suspicious and decides to follow her. At the same time, Krish promises to make the evening special for his girlfriend, Payal. As they drive towards their respective homes, Payal expresses her envy towards Krish’s loving family while all she has is a simple home. Interrupted by a boy on the street, Krish shows his kind heart by offering him food despite his protests. Payal is touched by his generosity as he then surprises her with a dress that she ends up not liking but he embraces her anyway. Despite the boy’s reluctance, Krish insists on sharing his meal with him and Payal admires his big heart.

The money lender praises Bindiya for her big heart in saving Baldev. She goes to the hospital and deposits the money. She thanks him and leaves with money in hand. Krish covers Payal’s jacket as she feels cold. She calls Payal and pays off her phone. Bindiya thinks what to do, and prays to God that Babu ji will be fine. Krish looks at her and is about to kiss her when Bindiya calls Payal.


In her unconscious state, Bindiya tells Baldev she has no idea who he is, otherwise she would have called his family. Krish asks Payal if she is going to Chiraiyya. She says she is Bindiya, which he hears in his unconscious state. She thinks if Krish tells the truth, she will end up trapped.

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