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Suhaagan 17th May 2023 Written Episode Update on

Payal’s father insists Bhim and Fulmati find out about her. Dadi asks them to report a missing person to the police station. But Bhim says police stations do not take missing cases within 24 hours. Fulmati’s phone is in Bindiya’s hand. Fulmati asks Bhim to bring her phone to her suddenly.

Dadi takes the phone from Bindiya when she becomes nervous and asks her to ask Masterji for assistance. Bindiya and Masterji try to find Payal in the village, but they fail. Then Masterji suggests they look in the field. Bindiya remembers Payal being scared of scarecrows. She tells Masterji that Payal will never visit the field alone. When Bindiya recalls her sister’s memories, she becomes sad.

Bhim and Fulmati try to find the phone in the house. Fulmati suggests Bhim call her number from Bhim’s phone. Bhim looks impressed by Fulmati’s intelligence. Dadi becomes extremely nervous. The phone rings and Fulmati finds her phone in Dadi’s hidden place. Fulmati looks angry.

As Masterji and Bindiya search diligently but fail to locate Payal, Bindiya visits the temple to pray for her sister’s well-being. She makes heartfelt promises to God, vowing to never tease her sister again and to avoid any future arguments. Bindiya beseeches God to reveal Payal’s whereabouts. Recalling her mother’s previous act of refraining from speaking for the sake of Payal’s health during her fever, Bindiya decides to do the same for her beloved sister.

Once they reach their house, Rekha opens the dicky of their car and finds Payal sleeping there with luggage. Madan explains to her how he had manipulated her to do so. Having prior knowledge that Payal had run away from her home, he suggested the idea for her to seek refuge in the trunk of the car.

Upon her return, Fulmati demands an apology from her. However, Bindiya, who had vowed not to speak until her sister is found, remains silent. This infuriates Fulmati further, and she threatens to physically harm Bindiya. Madan tells Rekha that Bindiya will automatically come to them for Payal. He then calls Fulmati to give her the information about Payal just as Fulmati puts up a belt to beat Bindiya.

Payal escaped the house in Madan’s car dickie. Bindiya and Dadi feel relaxed. Fulmati gets shocked at Payal’s sudden escape. She thinks deeply about Madan’s role in this. Dadi asks Bindiya why she didn’t apologize to Fulmati. She mentions her promise to God. But Bindiya looks very disappointed with Payal’s hasty decision to escape.

Bindiya says she will visit the town alone to find her sister, and Dadi gets very worried about Bindiya’s decision to visit the town alone. Bhim proposes to take Bindiya to her uncle’s house.


Bindiya and Bhim are in an auto. Bindiya asks how long it will take to reach Tulsipur. A passenger tells Bindiya that this auto does not go there. Palak wakes up and finds herself in some unknown place.

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