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Indu tells Indiya that her decision was correct. Payal shouldn’t stay at this house. Dadi gets angry seeing her. She asks Payal not to interfere. It’s her family matters. Bindiya says she doesn’t even know what family means, so if anyone in the family is hurt, everyone will suffer. Payal says she accidentally gave her the medicine. She has no intention of hurting her.

She says she stopped studying to give Payal an education. As she speaks English better than she does, she cannot justify giving the medicine to Dadi without knowing its side effects. Krishna tells Indu that Baldev doesn’t like Bindiya. That’s why he’s trying to send Payal out. What happened to Indu?

She tells Baldev she would rather be a mother or a wife because a mother sacrifices everything for her children. Her intention is to save her children. Dadi is dangerous to Krishna. Baldev says that Dadi isn’t dangerous to him, but Payal is. Kaveri says that Durga wouldn’t have ended up in this state had he not come to his father’s life. He asks her to take Payal out of Krishna’s life.

Indu explains to Payal that Baldev’s decision to send her away from the house has nothing to do with his dislike for her. It’s a matter of safety for her life. Curious, Payal questions why they are trying to send her away. In frustration, she suggests that instead of her, they should send Dadi, who is mentally unstable, out of the house. Indu loses her temper and slaps Payal for disrespecting Dadi. She reminds Payal that Dadi has a rightful place in their household and she should learn to respect her husband’s family.

Sakshi expresses her satisfaction with the current situation and stirs Indu against Payal. However, Payal quickly apologizes for her unintended words and explains that she meant no harm. Disregarding her explanation, Sakshi insists that Payal was being genuine. Upon seeing this, Krishna advises Payal to control her temper. Feeling remorseful, Payal asks Krishna for forgiveness and expresses her fear of having nowhere else to go. Bindiya reassures her that she doesn’t have to leave permanently and can return once Dadi recovers. However, Krishna firmly states that if Payal is forced to leave the house, he will also leave with her.

Krishna plans to stay at the hotel with Payal and is arranging a ticket for himself. Bindiya questions his decision and reminds him of Dadi’s health. However, Krishna explains that he is not a doctor and cannot speed up her recovery. Bindiya expresses her concern for Krishna’s well-being and suggests staying with Payal, which will help improve her health. Indu advises him against leaving the house, while Sakshi proposes sending Payal to the outhouse so she won’t miss being with the family. Unfortunately, Payal declines this suggestion.

Bindiya mentions that she plans to depart once Dadi has recovered. She believes that every family member must make sacrifices for their loved ones. Bindiya questions Payal if she genuinely cares for the family, as she cannot even make this small sacrifice. Payal defends herself by stating that she has been taking care of Dadi, and her one mistake should not result in her being forced to leave the house. Krishna assures Payal that he will not allow this and suggests that Bindiya can stay home as Dadi’s caretaker. To solidify the arrangement, Krishna hands Bindiya a uniform and requests that she wear it while fulfilling this role.

She is happy when Bindiya wears the uniform. But she doesn’t look right with this nuptial chain. Bindiya stops her hand. She tells her she warned her that she shouldn’t play with her nuptial chain. She will forget what her relationship was like at the time. Bindiya tells her she shouldn’t be happy to see her in this uniform. She can change that dress, but one thing won’t change. He is his wife.

His wife’s role is ending now as Chatt Pooja leave has ended. We will get the court hearing order as soon as possible. Krishna laughs and says she’s his namesake wife of him. Nikku and Rose arrive at the house. Krishna asks Bindiya what’s going on. She says that Bindiya has asked them to stay with Payal. Payal will not miss the family then. Rose will help them do the work. Indu asks her to pack her bags and go with them. Payal feels that she cannot leave.


Payal leaves the house while Bindiya enters. Krish says Payal has broken our trust.

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