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Kumkum Bhagya 18th October 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

At the beginning of the Episode, Ashok shares with Manpreet that he is reluctant to separate his children from him. However, circumstances have made it necessary for them to be sent away. Manpreet is unaware of what he’s referring to and Ashok clarifies that they must protect their children as their parents. While others may perceive them negatively, they are aware of their children’s struggles. Therefore, they must send them to the mental asylum. Manpreet disagrees but Ashok stands firm in their decision.

As Prachi enters Ranbir’s room, she sees him sleeping. She looks at him and gets emotional. Ranbir is awake and asks her to apply ointment. Prachi says I thought you were sleeping. He asks her to apply ointment. As Main phir bhi tumko chahungi plays…… Prachi sits on the bed and rubs on ointment on his back. Ranbir says he doesn’t see tears in her eyes.

Prachi says don’t say anything, she has no tears. Ranbir asks if I am seeing wrong. Prachi says yes, you are seeing wrong and thinking wrong. Ranbir says that means you don’t care for me and just apply the ointment. Prachi says she is angry with him, and asks why he got hurt? Ranbir says I will save you a thousand times, and I will not listen to any one in your matter.

Mihika looks at them. Prachi recalls her rude behavior with him. Ranbir says I hope my hands had been burnt, if my back had not been burned, you would have hugged me. He asks her to hug his hands and holds her hand. Mihika gets upset and leaves. Prachi says she will leave and leaves.

When Prachi comes to her room and asks what happened, Mihika looks at the tablets in her hand and mixes them into Prachi’s water bottle. She is about to leave, when Prachi asks why she came to her room, thinking and says she is leaving. Prachi comes in and sits on the bed. She drinks water in the glass. After praying to God and sleeping, she keeps the bottle and glass back.

Then she smiles and leaves. Ranbir is also sleeping, so Mihika comes over. Ranbir says Prachi. Mihika asks him to open his eyes and see her. She says Mihika and says he can change his name if he wants to. Mihika asks where Prachi is? She says she’s sleeping. She gives him medicine. Ranbir asks if she’s fine. Mihika says she’s taking her beauty sleep so that she won’t get dark circles.

She says everything is ready and needs to be served. Ashok asks Divya to help Manpreet. She says everything is ready and needs to be served. She says if I help her, she’ll say Prachi will help her. Ashok asks her why she’s jealous and asks her to become like Prachi. In her view, you are mad for her, and will ask the government to give her an award, if she says that she’s breathing.

Vishaka asks Divya if she has eaten anything. Divya says no. Prachi is sleeping, Manpreet says. Akshay asks if she has slept till now. Manpreet says yes. When he arrives at Prachi’s room, he touches her face as he sees her sleeping. Prachi wakes up and asks about the time. Akshay replies 10:45 am. Prachi tells Akshay that I have to give Ranbir medicine. As Prachi leaves, Akshay becomes upset.

Prachi comes to Ranbir. Ranbir tells Prachi to tell Mihika to let me eat. Mihika asks Prachi to go and take a bath and do her work. Ranbir tries to stop Prachi. Prachi goes from there. Mihika says even Prachi needs rest and you made her nurse. Ranbir says he didn’t think, and thank Mihika for taking care of him. Mihika promises to take care of him for the rest of her life.

Manpreet is asked to sit down and have food by Vishaka. In reply, Manpreet says she will have it later. Ashok sits and says whatever is destined will happen, there is nothing in the hands of humans. He asks why humans should become puppets when they must become puppets. Vishaka asks what you mean? He says he is speaking about helplessness, and says whatever humans think, it is in destiny that it happens.

Ashok asks if our destiny has changed. Vishaka tells them not to worry. She asks Manpreet to have breakfast with Prachi. She recalls the happenings and is tensed. She collides with Divya. Divya asks if you are okay, Ashok asks Manpreet if she is okay, and Manpreet says she is. Akshay asks if you are okay?

As Manpreet gets emotional, Akshay asks why you are crying? Vishaka thinks I told her about Mihika, which is why she is concerned. Ashok says Prachi should rest for some time. He asks Prachi to eat because he sees her there. Prachi refuses and says she isn’t hungry.

Ashok asks why she is acting so careless, and Prachi says she is worried about Ranbir. Prachi says she didn’t think. Ashok asks what is her mistake, it is not a crime if she didn’t think about us one day. Manpreet replies it is not Prachi’s responsibility, and we will handle it. Manpreet’s health is Vishaka’s concern, so she argues.

Prachi asks Manpreet to have food. Ashok asks Prachi if she wants to go to her mayka and meet Shahana and Dadi. Manpreet tells her she will have it later and asks her not to feel bad about Vishaka’s words. Prachi asks him to sit down with him. He says you will feel calm there. He encourages her to have breakfast.

Ashok is sending Prachi to her Mayka, and Divya tells Mihika about it. She says Mama ji never lets her go, so he might be doubtful now. Mihika asks, “Why?” Divya says because she was threatened with murder. Mihika says she won’t stop and will separate Ranbir from Prachi first. Prachi looks at Mihika. Mihika turns and sees Prachi standing. Mihika asks Divya to leave and tells her that the time has come to speak with her. Prachi asks Mihika to go.


Prachi is shocked when Mihika tells her Khushi has to be moved, as she is connecting her with Ranbir. Khushi tells her she is going for a picnic with Akshay and Mihika. Mihika asks Prachi to visualize Ranbir embracing her.

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