Agnisakshi 19th May 2023 Written Update

Agnisakshi 19th May 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Shlok, Aadhya and Jeevika arriving at the restaurant. Jeevika mentions that if they had mentioned a craving beforehand, she could have prepared it for them. Aadhya explains that Shlok specifically wanted to try the noodles from this particular restaurant. Shlok adds that Aadhya will also partake in the dish. The manager greets Satvik and Supriya as they enter. Shlok invites Jeevika to join them inside, but she insists they join her first. As Shlok notices Supriya and Satvik, he questions their presence there. Jeevika suggests leaving, but Shlok and Aadhya convince her to stay. Supriya asks Satvik if he loves her, but he becomes distracted upon seeing Jeevika and addresses her by name.

Satvik and Jeevika exchange greetings, while Aadhya and Shlok playfully tease them. Supriya attempts to incite jealousy in Jeevika by mentioning their previous dates at this location. Shlok expresses his desire for kabab, to which Supriya responds that Satvik and herself will stick to their usual food choices. She recounts the time when Satvik proposed to her at this very spot, prompting the manager to ask for their orders. Without missing a beat, Supriya jokes that Jeevika should have a vada pav, but quickly recants and suggests she orders veg biryani instead. However, Jeevika insists on trying the kashmiri pulao as she knows Satvik makes it deliciously at home.

He asks Satvik if he got married. Satvik says he did, but not with her (Supriya), but with Jeevika.

Supriya excuses herself and calls Someone, mentioning that she cannot bear Jeevika’s presence with Satvik. She expresses her belief that Jeevika is responsible for bringing them there. Curious, Jeevika asks Satvik the reason behind his assumption of her as his wife. Shlok and Aadhya then confirm to Jeevika that she is indeed Satvik’s wife. Supriya pleads with the person on the phone to intervene and protect Jeevika from something, or else she would take matters into her own hands. Meanwhile, the anchor invites all couples to participate in a game designed to bring them closer together. Supriya suggests dancing with Satvik, but Shlok reminds her of her recent injury. To which she responds by saying she had forgotten about it. As per Shlok and Aadhya’s request, Satvik and Jeevika join in the dance along with all the other couples during the paper dance round.

Supriya’s jealousy flares as she watches their dance. The folded paper can only hold one person, so Jeevika suggests Satvik stands first. He counters with a suggestion for Jeevika to go first, then ends up standing on her feet. Sadly, all the other couples fail the challenge. At the end of the dance, Jeevika and Satvik share a hug as Supriya leaves in anger. Shlok remarks that they have won half of the battle.

Rajnandini mentions that Supriya is interested in Satvik and also that Jeevika and Satvik have won the best couple prize. Curious about Supriya, Satvik inquires but Shlok interrupts to say that he and Aadhya have to go to the stationary store. As they step out, Satvik wonders if they were tricked while Jeevika makes a playful remark. Supriya questions Rajnandini about not marrying him to her, to which she responds by saying that she didn’t want his heart to break if he married someone else. Assuring her determination to make him suffer, Supriya asks if Rajnandini will arrange their marriage. Without hesitation, Rajnandini confirms it and later plots to send Jeevika away so she can take her rightful place with Satvik. On their way back, Satvik mentions having a good time.

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