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Anupama written update

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Vanraj warns Anupama that losing both his wife and job can lead to criticism, but if his partner cheats on him, he will become the butt of every joke. He states that the very air he breathes turns toxic, as a husband is expected to keep infidelity hidden. Therefore, Anupama should not disclose this secret to anyone. She agrees and reminds Vanraj of Kavya’s love for him before making any decisions. After Vanraj departs, he drives home with the thought that no one must know about Kavya’s unfaithfulness. He resolves to endure it as punishment but will never forgive her.

Feeling weak and drowsy, Anupama composes herself as Anuj approaches her. He inquires about Vanraj’s whereabouts and the well-being of everyone at the Shah house. Assuring him that all is well, Anupama reveals that Mr. Shah wants to talk to her but she feels unable to have that discussion with him. Understandingly, Anuj tells her not to worry and reminds her that certain issues regarding one’s parental home cannot be discussed in their in-laws’ house. He kindly offers his help if the Shahs need it and Anupama can count on him. Curious, she asks why he is so good to her. With a smile, Anuj states that it’s because of their companionship. Playfully lifting her up, he declares that it’s time to serve and romance his wife.

Kavya, waiting for him, tries to talk to him, but Vanraj ignores her. She holds his hand and says we need to talk. Vanraj warns her to leave his hand, there is nothing to talk about now, and even then she should finish speaking quickly. As Vanraj asks if he should celebrate his sorry like he did another baby’s arrival; he truly loves her, but she betrayed him in return. Kavya replies that she didn’t betray him, and listens to her calmly.

According to Vanraj, nothing will change. The truth is, Kavya had hidden the truth from him and would have continued if he hadn’t overheard it. As a result, he is facing consequences for betraying his wife. On the other hand, Kavya insists that she truly loves him. When Vanraj questions her about what she did with Anirudh, Kavya admits that she became greedy for the love he showed her and their child. However, Vanraj becomes angry and tells her not to refer to their child as a symbol of her wrongdoing. He also learns that Kavya shared her guilt with Anupama. Vanraj acknowledges that Anupama has a forgiving nature but even then, she chose to divorce him instead of forgiving him. As a result, he declares that he will never accept Kavya or their child again.

Anupama recalls Vanraj’s words. Pakhi joins her and falls asleep in her embrace. Anupama checks on her and Pakhi assures her that she is fine, but still shaken up from recent events. Anupama soothes her with a lullaby. Anuj observes this interaction and leaves. Anupama remembers Malti Devi’s ultimatum and envisions herself rushing to the Shah house, searching for her children. Toshu and Samar come to her, concerned. She asks about Sweety and mentions that she had been here earlier in the day. They discover that both Sweety and Adhik’s phones are turned off.

A bad news comes from Anuj, Pakhi has passed away. Anupama wakes up screaming Sweety, which Anuj comforts her and tells her to forget. The next morning, Anupama performs tulsi pooja. Pakhi joins her. She asks Pakhi if she is fine, and she asks why she keeps asking. She says that as a mother, she is always worried and prays to God to protect her children.

Kavya packs her bags and tries to leave. Vanraj says she doesn’t have to leave as his family is happy with her pregnancy and he doesn’t want to ruin their happiness. Kavya thanks him and says he will let the family know soon. As Vanraj walks out crying, Leela notices him and asks if Kavya and the child are fine. Vanraj nods yes. Leela asks him not to hide from his mother.

Leela says she will slap Vanraj’s nightmare and performs Kavya and baby’s nazar to ensure their happiness does not fade. Choti Anu walks to Anupama. Anupama pampers Choti Anu and asks what happened. Choti Anu says she went to wish good morning to Barkha and Romil but they both scolded and shoo’d her away. Anupama says she shouldn’t go to anyone’s room early in the morning except her parents’ room.


Anupama apologizes to Malti Devi for her misbehavior and warns her not to provoke a mother.

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