Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th November 2023 Written Episode: Armaan’s Reunion and Abhira’s Resolve

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The episode opens with Armaan and Kiara conversing with Manisha. She mentions that she can assist Kiara in her studies but not in dance. According to her, Mummy Sa will never approve of a dancing career for Kiara. Armaan reassures Manisha that it’s alright and she shouldn’t worry about it. Manisha then suggests that if Armaan is adamant, he can face Dadi’s scolding. Amused by her words, Armaan playfully tells Kiara not to make a sad expression as he will handle Dadi’s disapproval.

Meanwhile, Dadi instructs Vidya to start preparing for Diwali celebrations. Amid this, Madhav arrives and hands over some papers to Dadi. Dadi expresses her disappointment at receiving the same gift from him every year. Madhav replies with a touch of humor that his gift may remain repetitive, but not Dadi’s attitude.

Sanjay approaches Madhav, questioning if he received another diary. Madhav responds, admitting to his persistence. Sanjay then presents a special gift, antique binoculars, suggesting they could aid in seeing far distances. Madhav expresses gratitude but declines the expensive present because he tends to be sincere. He explains how it has affected his career choice and how accepting such gifts could be perceived as bribes rather than genuine gifts. Dadi interrupts by calling out Madhav’s name. Kiara advises speaking with her later as she is currently in a foul mood and may potentially take out her frustration on her. Armaan nods in agreement.

It’s okay, such banter goes on, Sanjay says. Madhav says yes, we think differently, but we are one family, and tomorrow we’ll meet in court. Sanjay says you are doing your work, and I will do my work. So, may the best man win. Dadi blesses them. Armaan watches. Dadi says that she always wanted her son to continue the tradition. Now, my son-in-law is doing so.

Jagrat inquires about his audacity to misbehave towards your daughter. Trust me, Akshara ji if I had been aware of this earlier, I would not have spared him. You can trust me on that. She reminds him that he is his son and urges him to keep him away from her daughter. He apologizes for his son’s mistake and promises he won’t bother her daughter from tomorrow onward. She expresses her gratitude and departs. Abhira converses with the couple and asks about their marriage – love or arranged? The girl responds that it is a love marriage. Abhira comments that it comes with more responsibility. The girl mentions noticing their chemistry with “that guy.” Abhira asks for clarification on who they are referring to, and the man suggests the one who gives an intense look.

“Abhira is adamant, saying she will never marry someone like Armaan,” uttered the man. “Don’t be so sure,” he warns her, “fate has a way of accepting challenges.” Just as Abhira spots Akshara approaching, the latter assures her that Armaan will no longer bother her. Overwhelmed, Abhira embraces Akshara. On the other hand, Jagrat promises to keep an eye on the unknown girl and protect her until after the upcoming elections. Despite Yuvraj declaring his love for her, Jagrat firmly reprimands and sends him away. Jagrat plans to keep Yuvraj at home for two days. Meanwhile, Manoj handles this case and assures the man that he will do everything possible to win it. With a heavy heart, Manoj worries about the task ahead.

Armaan approaches and says, “I’ve studied your case and discovered a loophole. I’m confident you will win.” Manoj checks the file and compliments him. Armaan humbly replies, “I didn’t do anything. I don’t want any credit.” Manoj responds, “You’ve helped me win several cases without seeking recognition. You’re like my unacknowledged Guru, and I am proud of you.” Armaan urges him to stop embarrassing him. Manoj insists on giving something as a token of gratitude. Armaan reluctantly agrees, stating that he will only request something significant if he does not change his mind later. Manoj encourages him to ask for anything. Armaan jokingly requests for a badminton match between them. Manoj gladly accepts and thanks him with a hug.

A guy steals Armaan’s wallet. Armaan follows the guy, catches him, and the guy falls. Armaan is surprised to see Rohit. He asks Rohit if he got tired. Rohit gets up. They speak.

You were missed by Armaan a lot. Rohit says I missed you all, tell me something, there is no cash or card in this wallet, why were you smiling seeing this, what is the secret? Armaan says there is nothing. Rohit says he will find out. He gets the note and jokes. Armaan says give it to me. The note falls. Dadi comes with Vidya and laughs at them. Rohit greets Dadi and picks up the note. He signs Armaan. Dadi and Vidya hug Rohit.

Although all the kids are the same for Dadi, Vidya says I am her favorite grandson. Dadi and Vidya cry emotionally. Rohit jokes that he needs to stay fit since you are so fit. Dadi says he will make kheer for you. He says he loves you, Dadisa. Vidya says he has dark circles. He says time out. Armaan smiles and takes their picture.

Armaan asks Ruhi for advice on what to do. He expresses his hesitation in disturbing Rohit and asks her to be patient. Suwarna questions Ruhi’s solid feelings for Armaan after only two days. Ruhi responds by saying she does not understand the logic but knows that love is magical and she can only wait for him. In the meantime, Akshara is occupied with work when Abhira interrupts and suggests they go to Delhi. When asked why, Abhira explained that he felt uncomfortable staying there.

We will win and then go; you must decide if you want to be afraid or fight; what will we do? Don’t get frightened; Yuvraj is nothing; learn to fight. She hugs Abhira.


Armaan and Dadi argue. Dadi taunts him about his mother. Yuvraj argues with Akshara. Akshara protects Abhira. He points the gun at Akshara.

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