Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th May 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th May 2023, Written Update, Written Episode on

The episode begins with Manjiri pointing out the profit they have gained. Mahima questions why her son cannot have the same opportunities, and suggests that they should all live as a happy Indian family together. Manjiri interrupts, but Mahima reminds her that both of them have lost their children and should do whatever is in their power to take care of the ones they still have. Manjiri agrees, adding that Shefali is also their daughter and their main priority should be her well-being. Mahima expresses her willingness to do anything for their children.

Akshara happily informs Abhir that their buddy is searching for him to play chess. In response, Abhir advises Akshara to call him if she gets scolded by their mother. Meanwhile, Manjiri confides in Abhimanyu about the situation. Concerned, he asks about Abhir’s well-being, to which she reassures him that he is fine but also expresses her worry for his safety. Just then, Aarohi joins them and expresses her doubts about Akshara and Abhinav’s capability to take care of Abhir.

Akshara lovingly takes hold of Abhinav’s hand and notices bruises on his arm while Dil Nai Lagta… plays in the background. She tends to his injuries and caresses his face with concern. Defending her husband, Manjiri complains about his negligence towards Abhir’s health and declares him as their heir who needs proper care due to his heart condition. She believes that they are not capable enough but assures Aarohi that she knows how to take care of him as a doctor herself.

Abhimanyu agrees and acknowledges that if something happens to his son, then there is no point in him being a doctor. He feels that his son should be present, as long as he behaves responsibly. However, Aarohi disagrees with this situation, feeling that they cannot afford to be careless. She is worried that if Abhimanyu proves his point, then Akshara will lose Abhir. Raghav intervenes and invites Muskaan inside to talk about the matter.

Muskaan explains that she came in place of Neela who couldn’t make it because of her brother’s accident. She also confesses that she likes someone else who doesn’t reciprocate her feelings and that marrying Raghav wouldn’t be fair to him. Raghav points out that she could have told him this over the phone, but Muskaan apologizes for not doing so. Meanwhile, Kairav observes the conversation and approaches Muskaan. He expresses his lack of trust for the other guy and assures her of his support. But Muskaan asks him not to pity her and declares that it is her problem to deal with. She thanks Kairav for his kindness and reminds him that he will always remember

As Abhimanyu approaches Akshara’s house, she quickly rushes out to meet him. He gazes at her intently as she questions his reason for being there. He explained that he wanted to check on Abhinav and his injured hand. Akshara meets his gaze and responds by saying that it’s not always the parent’s fault when a child falls. He asks if she believes it wasn’t Abhinav’s fault and questions whether he will make the same mistake again, considering his heart condition. She defends her son, stating that he is not a mere object and accidents can happen to anyone, even responsible parents like them who have managed to keep their child from getting hurt. This leads to an argument between them as Abhimanyu accuses them of disregarding their child’s safety. With determination in his voice, he declares that he loves his son immensely and will do whatever it takes to protect him. He thought Akshara would ensure his safety under her care but now sees that they are not fit as responsible parents. He warns them not to accuse him of playing dirty later on as he will go to any extent for the sake of his son’s well-being.

As he departs, Akshara turns to find the entire group behind her. Manish urges her to reveal the truth about Abhimanyu’s sudden appearance. Without hesitation, she explains that Abhinav dotes on his son Abhir and even carried him on his shoulders while running. However, he tripped and fell, but luckily Abhir was unharmed. She vows to prove Abhimanyu’s accusations wrong. Manish questions her plans, saying the situation has escalated. Undeterred, she declares her intention to confront both Abhimanyu and Manjiri. Despite Suvarna’s disapproval, Akshara stands her ground, determined to end the conflict she never initiated with Abhimanyu.


After playing with Roohi and Abhimanyu, Abhir hides inside a trunk and faints. Abhimanyu rushes to save him. Akshara is shocked and shouts Abhir.

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