Pandya Store 15th January 2023 Written Update

After Dhara prays for Shiva, Raavi comes and says nothing happened to Shiva, don’t worry, he has done what he should have done. Rishita watches. He calls out Raavi repeatedly. He falls. Gautam holds him. Dev and Krish come. Shiva thanks them. He doesn’t know where Raavi is. Dev says she won’t listen but will make you listen.

Raavi says so what, Chutki is our life, Shiva can risk his life many times for her. Gautam says I will make you ready for Uttrayan Puja, you supported me in childhood, let me support you now. Dev says yes, he has put himself in danger for Chutki. Shiva says yes, so what, she is also our daughter. Dhara says whatever happened with Chutki, I am the reason.

Raavi says nothing wrong can happen, we have money as well. Rishita says yes, we will get the best treatment for Shiva. Dhara says we will forget everything and start afresh today. They smile. Gautam says we will get Shiva ready. Suman asks who will apply the uptan. Gautam recalls. Krish says Gautam got old. Suman gets the uptan and applies it to her sons. Jeevan ka yeh pahiya…plays…

Dhara says we three will always keep this family united. Rishita says we won’t let this family shatter. They all join hands. Suman smiles and her son hug. If Shiva is Bhairav of this house, I am also Kaali, so we won’t let it crumble. Dhara smiles.

Our family unity is our strength, so Shweta couldn’t separate us, Gautam is the eldest, Gautam has taken care of my three sons for years, and he promises we will never separate. The brothers come to the store. Gautam opens the lock. Krish places the garland on Darshan’s picture. Gautam does the aarti. They all leave hand impressions on the store’s pillar. They get a cut-off kite and shout Kai po che… Gautam asks them to make a new start. Krish says I’m going to fly kites.

A lot of celebrations go on. Rishita comments that Chutki looks beautiful in this dress. Suman makes a joke. Shweta comes in disguise. Shiva says Chiku will protect Chutki. Shweta sees the Pandya house. Krish says we need to fly kites, so Dhara asks Gautam to take Suman first. Dhara asks Shiva to come. Shiva says no, he’s fine. The brothers lift Shiva’s cot and take him. They all fly kites. Raavi says I won’t leave Shiva alone. Dhara says Shiva won’t be alone.

As Shweta enters the house, Krish sees her and asks who she is. The lawyer comes and asks for divorce papers. Krish says we’ll fly kites. As the lawyer says, I don’t have time, give me the papers soon. Shweta starts acting. She asks how long the divorce process takes. Krish gets the papers. He gives the sweets. Lawyer goes. Krish sees her. She wonders if he identified her.


As Suman is ill, Chiku makes kites and sends them to everyone.

Dhara says they will come, you have to die. Suman says okay. Chiku rushes to open the door. He sees his little cousins.

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