Pandya Store 13th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 13th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

As Rishita asks for Natasha, Shiva asks who she is. She lies and goes with Raavi. She claims Natasha heard us while we were talking. Raavi says Shiva saw Shweta, does not know what will happen if he learns about Chutki, stay here, I will drop Shiva off at the store, don’t worry about Shweta, I fed her bhaang laddoos. Rishita asks if there are any kids around. Raavi says no. Rishita says we’ll let Dhara know. Shiva asks what’s going on. Dev says they’re always talking. Shiva asks what’s going on. Natasha knows we are her family, Rishita says. Raavi asks whether she knows you are her mother.

She says she doesn’t know, but we’ll find out when we find her. Shiva says he understands what’s going on here. Dev says nothing, let’s play Holi. They make excuses and fool Shiva. They make excuses and trick Shiva. Raavi says I must tell Shiva. Shiva asks what’s wrong, tell me. Dev asks what you want to tell him. Krish replies no, there is nothing to explain. Raavi says we have to tell him the truth, don’t stop me now.

Kanta asks Suman to come along with her. Suman looks for the kids. She prays for them. Suman says I have to find the kids. Kanta says Natasha has stomach pain, so we will search for her mother. Suman says I need to see her. We have stoned and damaged our store, according to Raavi.

Rishita says Gautam has gone alone. Shiva says I’ll break their head. She asks him to go to the store. She asks him to go to the store. Shiva runs with Krish. She greets Suman and asks for her blessings. She creates drama. Shiva asks did you hear that voice. Krish says no, it’s noise, don’t worry, I’ll go and see. Shweta dances on Sasural genda phool.

Shweta asks everyone to come. Suman gets angry. Gautam says the kids aren’t here, so that means she didn’t get them. Shweta gets Krish and dances with him. She says he just loves me. The kids come there. Shweta says I got tired. Dhara says we got saved, who did this. Rishita says Raavi fed her bhaang laddoos, she went to do important work. The strength of our unity is our unity in difficult times, Gautam explains.

Dhara says yes, Shweta couldn’t tell Chiku that I had adopted him. Chiku is shocked when he hears this and cries. Shesh says Dadi didn’t regard you as her grandson. Dhara hugs Shweta and says you look lovely. Rishita says you always stay the same. Suman says Natasha is ill and she is with Kanta.

In response, Rishita says fine, I will go get her before Shweta wakes up, and I’ll explain her to her with love. Krish says I’ll see Shiva and come. When Gautam asks where the other kids are, Dhara says, “I’m going to tell Chiku the truth.” Chiku is crying. Shesh says that adopted children are asked to do all the work and don’t get food. Shesh says Chiku imagines Dhara torturing him. Shesh says Dhara does not want Chiku to stay and talk to her; she wants him to leave.


Chiku packs his bag. He says I won’t forgive her, he’s leaving, Dhara isn’t my mother. Dhara prays for him. He leaves.

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