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It begins with Krish hugging Payal. Payal smiles and thinks I wanted you to be in my embrace. She asks how you know I’m here? He says that God sent me to you, the call came to me by mistake. Bindiya hopes Krish is okay. Krish tells Payal that he thought she had called him for breaking the marriage, but she had called him to congratulate him. Though he claims that he married Bindiya to show he doesn’t care, the truth is that he also gets hurt.

She went to the temple and asked God why she couldn’t become the beloved of her heart. She believes that by bringing all the necessary items, she can fill her hair part with symbols of marriage. However, all she has is an empty hairline, thin hair, and unending tears in her fate. As he takes the basket, Payal eagerly waits for her hair part to be filled. Bindiya then turns to Ambe Maa and asks for her help while chanting mantras at the temple. As Krish throws the basket, Bindiya opens her eyes to find him and Payal there. She wonders who it could be.

Krish explains that because of your stubbornness, three lives are on the verge of being ruined. However, it’s not too late to prevent this from happening. I can’t imagine my life without you by my side. What do you suggest we do in this situation? Should I leave and lead a robotic life with Bindiya? Payal reminds Krish that it is their wedding night and urges him to leave. Krish confesses his discomfort with Bindiya and Payal asks if he will take her to his home instead. She hopes that once she is there, she can kick Bindiya out and marry Krish. He agrees to take her home with him.

The inspector asks Krish and Payal what they are doing here and says it is not allowed for them to stand here. Payal smirks. Krish hugs her and says he will never leave her. Bindiya comes near them and sees another couple. The inspector asks Krish and Payal what they are doing here and says it is not permissible. In search for Krish, Bindiya stops Krish’s car and says Bindiya. Bindiya hugs him. Pal Pal song plays.

Krish inquires about Bindiya’s presence and she explains that she saw him on TV and came looking for him. Commenting on her effort, Krish invites her to sit in the car. Without prying too much, Bindiya asks why he is there. Understanding her concern, Krish shares that he went to console a distressed friend.

Bindiya had expected Bau ji to be informed about spending the night with him. However, Krish was reluctant and denied agreeing with her plan. Bindiya reminded him of the negative consequences of lying and stressed on the importance of always speaking the truth. Krish couldn’t help but think that Payal should have learned this lesson beforehand. Upon arriving at their home, they noticed the bed was disheveled. Bindiya explained that she had spilled milk and got entangled in flowers, leading to the mess. She swiftly cleaned it up and urged Krish to rest. As he continuously glanced at his watch, Bindiya inquired why he seemed anxious, making him contemplate whether he should be truthful with her.


Payal is brought inside by the guards. Baldev, Krish, and Bindiya are shocked to see her.

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