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As Raunak was about to confess that he wasn’t mentally unstable, Shagun unexpectedly arrived and asked him what he was going to say. When Raunak sees her, he immediately starts acting, pretending to be mad and insisting that he receive an electric shock. Shagun accuses Sumeet of violating the rules by bringing a doctor into the challenge.

She claims that Sumeet must be punished and forces her to sit on a chair, pretending to administer a shock, causing everyone to panic. Sumeet is given a 12-hour deadline to improve Raunak’s mental condition without going near him or else get ready for punishment. Shagun thinks you won’t be able to win this task because he isn’t mad, he’s fine.

Despite Shagun’s warnings, Anju and Rajiv worry about the punishments their children could receive. As Shlok heads to the kitchen, he begins experiencing panic attacks as he remembers Akki being in danger and Shagun’s warning. He says I don’t know how to protect my family. Raunak locks Shlok inside the kitchen and opens the gas pipe, plotting to harm him. He smirks wickedly as he relishes the idea of killing him.

As Poonam encourages the family and urges Sumeet to care for Shlok, Raunak ignites a matchstick, but Sumeet arrives in time to turn off the gas regulator before Raunak’s plan can succeed, as she heads toward the kitchen with dirty utensils. As she finds matchsticks near the window, Sumeet realizes Raunak intended to hurt Shlok. She confronts Raunak and tells him that she knows he’s not mentally ill.

As Sumeet continues to taunt Raunak, he suggests that he should stop being a coward and show his true nature. She demonstrates the way he hides behind Shlok’s voice and accuses him of being a loser. Despite struggling to control his emotions, Raunak confesses that he’s not mad. During the confession, he asserts that she and Shlok will not be able to prove anything. The confession is secretly recorded by Shlok, but Raunak notices his phone and breaks it. Raunak taunts Sumeet, suggesting that she will soon become their slave.

Meanwhile, Pankhuri receives a text from Raj, requesting a meeting. He plans to catch Priyanka in the act and instructs her to dress in green, citing it as his favorite color. He deceives her by claiming he wants to propose with a solitaire ring. As Priyanka rummages through her wardrobe for a suitable outfit, she also asks for a loan of 5000 rupees from Pankhuri. Shortly after, tailors sent by Shagun arrive at Shlok’s residence under the guise of taking measurements. They play a video of Shagun issuing threats and warning them of forced labor and physical abuse. This causes Shlok to panic and suffer from a sudden attack of anxiety as he envisions the situation unfold before him.

Shlok’s rage flared when the tailors attempted to measure him. He angrily grabbed a stick and forcefully ushered them out, causing a commotion. Sumeet quickly intervened, offering Shlok some water in an attempt to soothe him. Meanwhile, Raunak observed Shagun’s manipulative tactics with admiration, realizing that she had no intention of calming Shlok’s anger but rather provoking him further. However, Raunak had more wicked plans in store for Shlok; he intended to end his life. He ominously declared that tonight would be Shlok’s final night alive. As tensions continued to rise, Sumeet remained a pillar of support for her family. Later on, Raunak carried out his sinister scheme by paying for a vicious wild animal to attack Shlok, ensuring there would be no saving him from his fate.


Now that I have only 6 hours to finish this game, Raunak tells Sumeet, I should follow him. In the market, Sumeet follows him, but Raunak dodges her. As soon as Raunak says it’s time to play, he pushes Shlok into a cage with a gorilla.


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