Shiv Shakti (Zee) 23rd August 2023 Written Update

Shiv Shakti 23rd August 2023 Written Episode Update on

In order to expose Mandira and prevent Shiv from signing the contract, Shakti connects her mobile phone to the USB and imports the CCTV footage.

Padma tells Mandira that the family seems happy and hopeful, but they should also feel sad for Shiv. However, Padma begins to doubt Mandira’s abilities since Shakti has been continuously foiling her plans. This angers Mandira and she tells Padma to be quiet and leave. Padma then asks what will happen at 7:30PM, to which Mandira recalls her visit to Guruji who warned her about failing. Mandira thinks to herself how she cannot afford to lose this opportunity and Guruji had advised her to control time in order to succeed. With determination, she declares that she will take control of her fate and make sure that Shiv resigns at exactly 7:30PM.

With his family, Ranjan arrives at Manorama’s house for the engagement. Rimjhim is sad when she sees Ranjan. Ranjan looks around for Shakti. His brother asks where Shakti is? Manorama says she’s getting ready. Keertan shouldn’t have broken my heart, Rimjhim thinks.

During the party, Keertan arrives. Koyal is performing a live performance. The guests ask why the part is happening. Mandira tells them to wait for a bit. Shiv shows up all dressed up. Shiv checks the time and Dadi is worried, since it’s already 7 PM. Mandira asks why they’re constantly checking the time. They can’t be waiting for Shiv to resign. Mandira calls Mr. Mehta and asks him to resign soon.

Manorama comes to Shakti and tells her to get ready. We don’t have time now so bring Rimjhim for engagement at 7:30. She leaves. Shakti says I have to stop Shiv’s resignation. They must be waiting for me.

Dadi asks Shiv what if Shakti can’t find the criminal? Shiv replies that if Shakti promises something, then she will follow through, I am sure she will come. He goes to the washroom, looks around for Shakti, and thinks to go to her room. Meanwhile, Shakti jumps out the window and leaves before he can see her. He asks, where is Shakti? Mr. Mehta arrives there with the board members. Nandu informs Shiv that they are already here, but Shakti is nowhere to be found. While riding her scooter to Shiv’s house, Shakti is hit by a car and faints.

As Shakti’s arrival is awaited, Dadi’s concern for Shiv grows. Upon gathering everyone together, Mandira announces that an important announcement is to be made. It has been decided by Shiv that he will take a break and step down from his role as MD and trustee. This declaration comes as a shock to all present. Mandira reveals that Keertan will assume the position of MD and trustee, expressing gratitude to Shiv and congratulating Keertan. Mr. Mehta presents the resignation papers while Shiv patiently waits for Shakti. Reminding him, Mandira invites Shiv to sign the papers. Despite Dadi’s attempt to prevent him, Shiv remains resolute stating that perhaps this is his destiny. He prepares to officially resign from his roles by signing the papers.


Shiv’s father asks who played the real game. Shakti says this phone has evidence against the real culprit. She hands the phone over to Shiv to check. Mandira is terrified.

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